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Located on deck 5, the Operations Centre encompasses the operations workshop, quartermasters office, general ops work area, as well as the operations office. The Operations Centre was installed on the USS 'Oumuamua on Stardate 240010.09.

The department provides a project management space for all departments. The centre includes the main control area called "the pit," three large project stations, consoles for minor ship operations, and offices for various purposes. The centre facilitates collaboration, coordination, and assistance for crew members with their projects and issues.

The operations centre, located on Deck 5 of the USS Oumuamua, serves as a hub for various operations-related activities. It features the main control area known as "the pit," where the Chief of Operations can issue orders and manage operations. Additionally, there are three large project stations for team collaboration, as well as consoles for minor ship operations. The centre also houses several offices, including the Chief of Operations Office with a glass window overlooking the entire centre.

The centre is designed to facilitate collaboration, coordination, and assistance for all crew members with their projects and issues. It serves as a project management space where all characters from different departments can plan and manage projects, with dedicated ops crew members available to assist.

The centre's functionalities include duty rosters, priority and resource allocation, maintenance schedules, logistics, communication management, maintenance of the main computer, power management, away mission management, sensor schedules and sweeps, transporter room operations, and organizing diplomatic meetings or large ship-building efforts.

Overall, the refit of the operations centre aims to enhance collaboration and coordination among the crew, providing a dedicated space for planning and managing various operations tasks and projects.Floor Plan Operations Center.png


The refit of the operations centre has been designed with collaboration and coordination in mind. Any member of the crew can come to the operations centre with their issues or projects and find a member of ops ready to help them.

The Pit

The informally named the pit due to it being somewhat sunken, the pit sits in the centre of the operations centre. This is the main control area for operations. All can see the action in the pit, making it’s an ideal place for the Chief to issue orders and manage ops.
Operations Briefing Pit.png

The project stations

There are three large project stations that can be use for teams who don’t need the main operations tables in the pit. Projects can be manage from here

The consoles

Two rows of consoles overlook the pit and are situated near the main entrance. These are meant for those times where only one or two people are working on something and they do not need to uteralise the entirety of the operations centre. Minor ship operations are managed from here.

The chief of ops office.

The chief’s office has a view of the entire operations centre via it’s large glass window.

Chief of Operations Office.png

Operations workshop

The operations workshop is accessed through the operations centre. If the main entrance is at the bottom, the Operations Workshop is at the back left

Other offices

There are a number of other rooms and offices around the edge of the operations centre. The quartermasters office is on the right when you first enter the centre. Followed by the Transporter Chief’s office. Next you’ll find a project space followed by the Chief of Operations Office, followed by another project space. There are then two more chief offices or flex offices followed by a break room.

Some are designed for temporary use by other departments where the project demands that there be a presence from that department in the operations centre.

Break Area

There is a small break area off to the side where officers can get refreshments. The replicator is due to arrive on Tuesday.


Below are a list of duties that fall under ops and duties that can be managed from the operations centre. This isn’t a complete list but enough to get an idea of what this space is used for.

  • Duty rosters
  • Priority and Resource Allocation
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Logistics
    • QuarterMaster
  • Communication management (With HCO role, I kinda feel like that department was folded into ops)
  • Maintenance of main computer
  • Power management
  • Away mission management
  • Sensor schedules and sweeps
  • Transporter room operations.
  • Chief of boat
    • Drawing up training and drill schedules.
  • Organizing diplomatic meetings, large ship-building efforts, or other special projects requiring large degrees of coordination.

Officers and Staff

Acting Chief of Operations

Toxin Arlill


Lhandon Nilsen

Rence Prachett

Gemma Flinch


Out of character notes

Most of these notes were wrote by Tom (Lhandon Nilsen). Hopefully this can aid simmers in the future.

Putting the Operations Center in Context

One of our goals was to make this a project management space where all characters from all departments could visit to plan projects, manage them and get dedicated ops crew members on hand to assist.

Lhandon’s first ever scene on the Oumumaua’s where the characters were planning how to refit the mission pod would have been perfect for this space. All could have taken a table to discuss and even made the first moves after the plan had been agreed before anyone had even gotten near the mission pod.

This is also a space that other characters can use for whatever operations purpose they may need.


I love this sim. This is from a Galaxy Class so their ops would be slightly bigger but this sparked a lot of ideas and we have borrowed a fair bit from it.


I'm taking a lot from this post. I do think maybe law/protocol wouldn't find their way here. I feel that's more in the purview of security, but most everything else. So, eyes and ears of the ship, logistics, project management (which is a big inspiration behind our design), and a home for the quartermasters and anyone else that might need a workspace.


I do agree with the wolf’s comments as well. Operations coordinates all the departments and makes sure that all are working together for the common good.

The main page for the HCO role

HCO Officer Simming Guide

The main page for the ops role

Ops (Duty Post)

Some of the early ideas came from the Morley room at the University of Northampton, UK. You can see where the idea of the pit and the minor consoles came from.

Morely Room 2.png
Morely Room 1.png