Oumuamua Mission History

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Oumuamuaicon.jpg       “Huli ke alo i ka paia” -- “Turn the face to the wall (for there is nothing to fear)"
- Hawaiian Proverb

The chronological history of missions for the USS Oumuamua.


Deep Space 9.jpg
Pitstop at DS9
  • Third Season, Episode 1: Stardate 240012.26 - Present
    • The USS Oumuamua docks for repairs after their mission at Alpha Brenkelvi II


Alpha Brenklevi II.jpg
The Sandbox of Men
  • Second Season, Episode 3: Stardate 240010.16 - 240012.26
    • The ‘Oumuamua arrives at Alpha Brenkelvi II, an uninhabited M-Class planet on the fringes of the Obatta Cluster to explore ancient ruins thought to be at least 60,000 years old.
Shore Leave: Esh-O System
  • Second Season, Interlude 3: Stardate 240009.07 - 240010.15
    • Shore leave in the Esh-O system.
Esh-o micronebula.jpg
The Nautilus
  • Second Season, Episode 2: Stardate 240006.19 - 240009.07
    • Returning to the Gamma Quadrant, the Oumuamua responds to a distress call from the Esh-o, a pre-warp civilisation whose home star system has become the site of a strange stellar event. A micro-nebula has inexplicably covered their local space and is disrupting almost every aspect of Esh-o's vibrant culture.
Department of Temporal Investigations.png
Shore Leave: Fallout over Earth
  • Second Season, Interlude 2: Stardate 240005.07 - 240006.18
    • Officers get interviewed by Department of Temporal Investigations, researching Gelf they find good reason to with several changes to the timestream. A few other crew members come aboard whilst in orbit around Earth, others investigate anomalies, explosions, and a murder. We also see a changing of the guard for our ship's First Officer.
Intrepid Incident
  • Second Season, Episode 1: Stardate 240001.09 - 240005.07
    • Instead of repairs in Sol, the Oumuamua crew find themselves 135 years in the past, on a Constitution-class Starship with a pulsar about to wipe out a newly contacted world.
Shore Leave: Seytoxal and Beyond
  • Second Season, Interlude 1: Stardate 2240001.09 - 2240006.19
    • Some officers take advantage of a resort planet while others have their own ideas of what to do during shore leave.


Missing In Action
  • First Season, Episode 2: Stardate 239910.29 - 240001.09
    • The USS Caboto has not checked in, and the crew of the Oumuamua are sent to find out what's happened to her.
Forest for the Trees Mission Oumuamua.png
Forest for the Trees
  • First Season, Episode 1: Stardate 239906.26 - 239909.06
    • While Commodore V'Airu leads peace talks with the United Dominion of Planets, the rest of the crew discovers a forest amongst the stars.