Oumuamua Mission History

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Oumuamuaicon.jpg       “Huli ke alo i ka paia” -- “Turn the face to the wall (for there is nothing to fear)"
- Hawaiian Proverb

The chronological history of missions for the USS Oumuamua.


Forest for the Trees
  • First Season, Episode 1: Stardate 239906.26 - 239909.06
    • While Commodore V'Airu leads peace talks with the United Dominion of Planets, the rest of the crew discovers a forest amongst the stars.
Missing In Action
  • First Season, Episode 2: Stardate 239910.29 - 240001.09
    • The USS Caboto has not checked in, and the crew of the Oumuamua are sent to find out what's happened to her.
Shore Leave: Seytoxal and Beyond
  • Second Season, Interlude 1: Stardate 2240001.09 -
    • Some officers take advantage of a resort planet while others have their own ideas of what to do during shore leave.