Oumriel, Alelia

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Alelia and Beornan were high school sweethearts who quickly decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. With the blessing of both families they married a couple of years after finishing school, at the end of 2381. Beornan was already studying at university. In 2382 he finished his engineering degree and received a job offer that would provide for the family very well.

Cracks appeared in the relationship as they had a difference of mind in how they wanted to live, many of the arguments centred around the job offer and whether to take it. Beornan does not often speak openly of what happened, but in 2382, before they could resolve their differences Alelia perished and died in the family home.

Beornan lost many of his friends and family that year, grief fueled his choices and he took up the pledge of Guardianship. Not long after that he joined Starfleet Marine Corps.