Oscion Shipping Lane

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The Oscion Shipping Lane is a trade route and the largest of its kind it the Par'tha Expanse. This route connects the Kaen'anti Bypass with a majority of the sector. It orginated in the Freeworlds Region at Aelann, where it also intersects the Siiden Passage. From there it passes through the Larokon Province, and the Beruna Province before terminating at Beruna. Along the way several other minor routes branch off from it such as the Ocorum Run at Debin, the Barahn Run at Marelle, the Homar Route at Paldor and the Devron Run at Beruna. A major route it intersects is the Imperial Run, at Oscion. Other notable worlds on this route include: Maarok, Gornt, Oscion, Buqret, Agurtha, and Drovna.