Operation Q-Ball (Gorkon)

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2397, Episode 17

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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Operation Q-Ball

  • Stardate 239711.30 to 239802.02

As the USS Azetbur goes missing, and Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds mysteriously disappears, the crew of the USS Gorkon take it on themselves to investigate her disappearance by heading into the seedy, underhanded world of the Orion Syndicate once more.


Ma no Umi

"A region of space... notable for extensive gravitational anomalies and plasma fields... severely affecting the range and effectiveness of sensors to the point where many ships are rendered near blind." Due to the limitations for ships and specific masking conditions, the region is a haven for pirate activity, and hosts an active Orion Syndicate presence and the Andorian arm of the syndicate, the Volna Viria.

  • Kamarov Corridor: A safe passage route through the region, however, still with limitations caused by anomalies. Extreme caution is advised.


Large rogue asteroid within the Kamarov Corridor, and base for the Orion Syndicate.

  • Service Zone: Administrative and service centre.
  • Leisure District: Populated district for pirate activity and leisure pursuits, including the casino Mares de Oro.
  • Residential District: Habitable sanctum deep within the asteroid.
  • Burning Hole: A junkyard and breakers located near an eternal fire burning from a deep-rooted seam.

Notable Characters

In the Mares de Oro (casino)

  • Alred Evatt: A handsome man of uncertain heritage and beguiling influence, playing at the canasta table.
  • Delis Jhakra: A Jelna (Rigelian) gambler of elegant attire and old-world class, playing poker.
  • Kal ch'Zeveth: An Andorian bartender who only chats to those he deems
  • Unnamed Croupier: A Ktarian running the poker game.
  • Volku: A Bajoran working for the Orion Syndicate, now a made Alasho.

In the Slims

  • Oliver Zuccaro: Ollie to his friends, Captain of the Swishbuckle II.
  • Lucky Lervora: An Orion dockmaster for the Orion Syndicate. Furiously loyal to his employer.
  • Lollipops: A Risian fixer and broker, making connections, trades and organising operations among the factions of Nassau. Real name Nysalea.
  • th'Ziaris aka 'Mohawk': Andorian Main Dock Manager and Captain Marisol's number one fan.
  • Zanaa and Vishon: Orion 'street kids' who act as sources for Lena.

In the Burning Hole

  • Jones: Andorian race manager at the Pit Stop. Has an Orion Guard and an old fashioned notebook.
  • Drake and Moira: Shady individuals of uncertain heritage, involved in the races.
  • Loutin: An Orion guard working at Zhila's scrapyard.
  • Zhila: Orion scrapyard shopkeeper and woo'er of Jona ch'Ranni.

Mission Summary

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Act One: It's All In The Plan

With the disappearance of the USS Azetbur and with it Read Admiral Quinn Reynolds, different teams plot their next course of action as they'll go undercover to Nassau to retrieve information and a possible sign of their missing Commanding Officer.

Given their initial directives, the three teams begin their preparations for their descent to the asteroid. Still on the Gorkon, they use what the have available to them to make their disguises and appearance as part of the pirate faction believable, including changing clothes, swapping out Starfleet-issue weaponry for old school phasers and handhelds, and in some cases, drastically change their appearance altogether.
The Class-C shuttlecraft due to be used for the racing team is given the name of Dsna’druth, referring to an ancient and mythological Andorian creature of amphibious origin who terrified Andorian children, in the hopes the name will strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Boarding the shuttlecraft, the team decides to lead with Losarian technology that they should be able to procure from the asteroid junkyards they're heading into and change up their outfits for typically pirate-style to fit the part. Ayiana Sevo adopted the moniker of Blue owing to the blue hair coloured, hired to the racing team for reasons. Jona ch'Ranni is code-named Mash and met Birdie, or Piravao sh’Qynallahr on Andoria where they acquired the former Starfleet shuttlecraft, meeting Fingers, the codename of Samira Neathler on Argelius.
On the reclaimed yacht from some Betazoid noble hauled off into the mists for wanton acts of public self-gratification, the team rename it to "The Latinum Beluga" owing to the sheer size of the thing and the fact that like a whale of old Earth tales, they could be carried around in the belly. Acting as the VIP ride, the pirate service team supporting get their story straight about their origins as the fixers and run around for the Casino Infiltrators, noting they would need to do some learning about Ketracel White and what the effects would be on those partaking of the drug, and Lena provided some background information into those they were likely to run across on the asteroid surface — namely Lucky Lervora and Lollipops.
In the Casino Infiltration team, they all scrub up well, collectively deciding their background would be that of Ketracel White suppliers, owing to the nature of the scientists and doctor among the team, as well as the two heavies with them. They represent Behemoth Pharmaceuticals, there to network for potential clients they can supply to as well as those who can get them what they need where they need it. Loxley has taken up the identity of Dr Vaath, a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy and author of several papers on the effect of Ketrecel White on Jem’Hadr soldiers during the Dominion War, while Serren Tan opted for Kosellius "Ko" Banks, working for the company for a few months now, studiously working his way up to being Bigger Tough, and then eventually Biggest Tough. Meanwhile, Cory Stoyer has adopted the identity of Nicol Ryen, provider of anything and everything, knows people all over the galaxy and worked import/export from a young age. Leading them all is Arlo Thornton, masquerading as Xenia Smith, based out of Tilanna V, a chemist by trade, has no time for most people and spends her days looking down her nose at anyone who isn't her equal.
With all their knowledge in place, and as prepared as they're going to get, the teams start their descent to the asteroid.

Act Two: Ketracel Dust Dreams

With all their knowledge in place, and as prepared as they're going to get, the teams start their descent to Nassau.

Casino Infiltrators: Winning their access to the High Rollers area from Evatt, and Tan narrowly escaping the night of his life with the could-be-Betazoid, Delis Jhakra has proposed an alliance between herself and the canny casino-goers.

Racing Team: One race down and more damage to their shuttlecraft, a thrilling chase and a wild discovery in the junkyard, the racing team have bitten off a large chunk of life on the asteroid.

Slims Pirates: Finding their way to Lucky Lervora’s location in Lollipops’ club, the crew have found out there’s much ketracel making its way around Nassau, funnelled through the docks. Their arrival was expected, planned for, and even anticipated, as the crew found out just who was waiting for them.

Act Three: Rip-Roaring Times Ahead

With time of the essence, the teams race to find the Admiral, retake the Azetbur, and discover the starship thieves:

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 239809.06