Open Your Mind and Say Ahhh! (Andaris Task Force)

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Season 1, Episode 2


Act One

The mission got off to a rocky start; Captain S'Ranna of the USS Atlantis was accused by the Korri of the destruction of one of their ships and was escorted to Deep Space 26 in disgrace, with Commander Brell in temporary command. Meanwhile, the USS Blackwell was on a diplomatic assignment. Rear Admiral Renos was accompanied by Lieutenant Pandorn and Lucia Maria Aquilina to Burellion, for a diplomatic function.

While the Admiral and escorts were wining and dining with diplomats and corporate executives, the Blackwell decided to do a bit of exploring. They set off into an asteroid field that was unnaturally dense and, in true Blackwell fashion, were forced to eject their warp core. The Blackwell, now in critical condition, was towed to safety by the mysterious CSS Tempest. Who was the CSS Tempest and why did they appear just at the opportune moment? Only time would tell.



  • PNPC Charlotte Farnsworth, Civilian - played by Nathaniel Wilmer
  • PNPC Petty Officer 3rd Class Lucia Maria Aquilina, Intelligence Analyst - played by Jarred Thoran


  • Petty Officer 3rd Class Subothan Eriss, Betazoid Botanist - played by Tu'Peq
  • Captain Raella Dar, CO, CSS Tempest - played by Krindo Pandorn

REV SD 239410.13