Omega One (Apollo)

Omega One


"Mission Quote" ~ Someone smart

Mission Began: 239012.30
Mission Complete: 239104.23


Using the slipstream drive, the Apollo heads toward the edge of the Beta Quadrant, close to the Delta Quadrant. All things appear normal, then the Apollo drops out of the slipstream automatically. All bridge stations are locked out and just display an Omega symbol. The crew cannot access any of the ship's systems. FltCapt Jaxx is notified and heads to the bridge. Sealing himself in the ready room, he begins reviewing sensor data.

Close-by, there is a war raging between two worlds in the same system. Each on is hell bent on destroying the other. Neither world has achieved warp technology, and can only travel within their system. Boreia III and Boreia IV have been at war for years. The conflict started over trade agreements, but soon turned to war. In the race to develop destructive weapons, one scientist has come close to harnessing an Omega weapon.

Implementing the Omega Directive, FltCpt Jaxx calls in his senior officers to brief them. Normally, when the Omega Particle is detected, a starship would signal Starfleet Command and they would send a special ship to neutralize it. What the crew has not been told, is that the Apollo is one of those ships. Deck Nine houses science and engineering labs to neutralize the particle. The crew must race against time, and place themselves in the middle of a war, to carry out their mission.

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