Olliepiest is the pet of Hayley Caden, found on the planet Theta 122, and lives on the USS Arrow with her.

USS Arrow
Position Pet
Rank Civilian
Species Lizard
Gender Unknown
DOB 2396
Age 5
Birthplace Theta 122
Writer ID J239706HC0


  • Height: 1inche
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Hair: None
  • Colour': Green


When Hayley Caden was camping overnight on the planet Theta 122 as part of an exploratory away team, she found a little camp mate in her tent the next morning. A small lizard had scampered into her tent and looking for food and shelter, and she adopted it as a pet. She named it Olliepiest, or 'Ollie' for short, after a native Irish dragon of folklore.

Later back aboard the Arrow, she petitioned Captain Shayne to let her keep the lizard full time. He agreed on the condition that she conduct a study of it first in order to ensure it posed no danger or threat to anyone else on board, and that it could safely and comfortably be kept in captivity.

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