Oliver Zuccaro

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USS Gorkon
Oliver "Ollie" Zuccaro
Oliver Zuccaro
Full Name Oliver "Ollie" Zuccaro
Occupation Privateer
Species Iotian/Risan
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Early Thirties
Birthplace New Chicago, Sigma Iotia

Oliver Zuccaro is delightful corsair and scallywag, currently waging war against a business of mongooses on Hai Tac Outpost.


  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Lean/Athletic
  • Taste in Clothing: Stylish and sharp. Shirt and vest. Matching accessories. Long military coat.
  • Shoes: Brogues. There is only brogues.
  • Voice: Tenor?
  • Handedness: Yes, he is.


Kind hearted, fierce minded, and brave spirited.
Lives passionately. Very independent. True neutral.
Seeks out fun like it's a mission.
His method of humour is a quick retort to get you on the ropes. A good roast never did anyone harm.
Likes to know where he stands with someone, and extends the same courtesy. Is clear and blunt when he wants to be. It's not often.
Expects to be trusted at all times. Does not do the same.
Doesn't feel like he really belongs anywhere. Moves around a lot.
Has two moods in a crowd - blends in quietly, or stands out loudly. There is no in between.
Has a high level of intolerance to malarkey.


  • Shooting: A sharpshooter with a disruptor, and an old style pistol. He can pierce an ear at twenty paces.
  • Treasure Hunting: Ollie is particularly good at hunting shipwrecks, whether the drifting in space kind, or the crashed to a planet variety. He doesn't do it often, but when the mood takes him, he'll wing off to find something he can sink his teeth into.
  • Poker: Originally a Blackjack man, he got into poker during a particularly long stretch of time in hiding with several other pirates who knew how to wager.
  • Cigar Smoking: Because nothing goes down better with Dras' frothy vodka than a decent cigar.

Friends and Associates

Lena Josett He has a soft spot for the young scoundrel, who can best him at any card game he can put a name to, drinks him under the table often, and steals his heart along with his wallet. Their adventures are the stuff of pirate legend in Hai Tac Outpost and beyond.
Christopher Johns Breaking one Orson "Bear" Marshall out of the Gorkon's brig, Ollie ensured Chris didn't speak out the incident by imparting some knowledge. Ollie and Chris have a common history, but it remains a mystery to what end.
Quinn Reynolds While Ollie's dealings with Starfleet and the Federation are limited, he's owed a favour or two to the Rear Admiral over the years.


The product of an Iotian and Risian marriage, Ollie was born on Sigma Iotia amidst the autumn colours of New Chicago, and that's where the romantic beginnings ended. In their heyday, the Zuccaros', a widespread mafia family, had fingers in all the pies - their reach extending from New Chicago to the Harbor Bay areas in the northern territories.

Rumour makes up the standard for Oliver's life — his parents were supposedly murdered in a mob hit off world on their private transport, he was apparently raised by a rival family as their proxy, he could have inherited a fortune from a Risian Uncle, even the conjecture that he was taught to sling drinks by a mysterious purple/pink skinned Alvanian barman.

Only Oliver knows for sure, and he's no snitch. It remains a mystery.