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Oliver Weston


Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston, a human, is currently the intelligence officer aboard the USS Gemini.


  • Full Name: Oliver Weston
  • Date of Birth: 236311.22
    • Age: 32
  • Place of Birth: Edicius, Titan


  • Height: 1.88m (6'2'')
  • Weight: 64 Kg (143 lbs)
  • Build: Slim but healthy.
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Complexion: Caucasian, untanned.


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Marius Weston
    • Mother: Sabrina Weston
  • Siblings: Roland Weston


Oliver Weston was born, like his brother in a Terran Colony on Titan. His parents Marius and Sabrina Weston were well known explorers often contracted by the United Federation of Planets for certain tasks. It was in this environment that Oliver grew up. Traveling the Sirius and Regulus Sector blocks with his parents and brother proved to be an exciting and fulfilling youth. Marius a scientist and diplomat, and Sabrina a crack pilot and mechanic always prided themselves on outside the box thinking and problem solving, and strived to bring up their children in the same way. Oliver was raised more in deep space aboard his parents vessel the S.S. Cartier then on Titan. His parents acted as several things for the Federation; Diplomats, Explorers, Couriers, and oftentimes less clandestine pursuits.

The Westons for five generations have been known by Starfleet as adventurers, explorers and staunch allies. While sometimes thought of as rogues or even mercenaries, the Weston family has remained always loyal to the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command. While they constantly refuse to take a commission and join the Federation proper, they have always lent their aid and support in their own way. It was thus that Oliver broke tradition with his brother when they decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy. Growing up aboard the Cartier Oliver learned a myriad of skills from his parents and his Uncle Henry Weston (On his mothers side) who often visited when the two parts of the family worked cooperatively on a mission for the Federation. Security precautions, diplomatic procedures, basic medicine, problem solving and even the ablity to write with a stylus (an often forgotten form of written communication) were all on their home school curiculum. Along with more traditional classes like Stellar Cartography, History, and Navigation. There were often entire months when The Westons would only speak Vulcan or Andorian around the dinner table, in an effort for the children to learn to rely on their wits instead of a universal translator.

At 18 Oliver joined Starfleet and found himself stuck somewhere between floundering and thriving. In practical tests and lessons he thrived, finding unique solutions to problems and helping his team overcome certain situations, but in written tests and examinations he would often lose marks for failing to explain his theories or even on one occasion an accusation of plagerism (he was fully exonerated when it became clear that he hadn't read the course materiel and by sheer happenstance formed the same theories as a well known author and historian). In the Academy he gained top marks in Security, as he greatly enjoyed the physical and mental pursuits it offered. Always enjoying the outdoors (a byproduct of being cooped up on a starship for years) he always told his peers how much he looked forward to away missions and the chance to chart new worlds.


  • 238711.21: Assigned to the USS Eagle as the Intelligence Officer.
  • 238803.02: Transferred to the USS Drake with the rest of the Eagle crew.
  • 239102.02: Transferred to USS Gemini

Active Duty History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Ensign 228711.21 - 238901.03 USS Drake
Intelligence Officer
  Lieutenant (JG) 228901.03 - 238910.27
  Lieutenant 238910.27 - 239003.08
  Lt Commander 239003.08 - 239010.08
  239010.08 - 239102.02 Starbase 118
  239102.02 - Present USS Gemini

Awards & Service Ribbons

Year Award Image Posting
2388 The Order of Starfleet Merit & Achievement 1st Class   USS Drake
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal  
Hobus Heroism Ribbon  
2389 Explorer's Ribbon  
Purple Heart (twice)  
Peacekeeper Ribbon  
Klingon Invasion Ribbon  
The Silver Palm  
2390 Explorer's Ribbon  
Defense of the Temporal Flow  
2391 The Black Cross   Starbase 118
3-Year Member  
The Nebula Bar  
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon   USS Gemini
Silver Star  

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