Old Renaaran

Oudl Renarii, translated in itself as "Old Renaaran" in Federation Standard, was a language used by the early Renaarans on Renaar. As the Renaarans began to interact with other Core Worlds over thousands of years, Valcarian words and phrases flooded the Renaaran lexicon, forming the latter Renaaran language. After over twenty thousand years of intermingling, Old Renaaran nearly vanished approximately four thousand years ago. With the ascension of modern Renaaran, Old Renaaran became a relic preserved by linguists and conservatives wishing to remember the forebears of Renaaran society.

The language was kept alive in two noteworthy groups: Renaaran colonists and Renaaran fringers. Renaaran colonists that left their homeworld to settle other terrestrial planets were without the influence of Valcarian, such as the colonists of Delica. The second group, made up of smugglers, thieves, con artists, and other fringers used the language as a code to communicate secretly during dangerous situations.