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Embassy of Duronis II


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Embassy and front water garden

The Federation Embassy Complex on Duronis II was newly built following the terrorist attack of 2381. Incorporating heightened security technologies and following Starfleet design parameters, the various departments of the Embassy are linked through atriums, corridors and extended stairwells. Both visitors and staff can gather in the large open atriums in addition to the building's many conference rooms and offices.

The Federation Embassy is located in Lokesh City, the capital of Duronis II, as are the Romulan Embassy and the Zalkonian Embassy though there is quite a bit of distance between the three. The Federation Embassy is situated on the coast, with its front facing the busy city, and the rear open to the ocean (though under constant security surveillance).

The Embassy grounds are rather large, and consist of the main building and associated fore grounds, what has affectionately been termed the "backyard" (incorporating many gardens and a small shuttlepad), and the docks and Cultural Annex along its share of the coastline.

Here is a breakdown of the main building and associated areas:


Specialist Areas