Officer Dreckel

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Most Wanted
Created by Mathias Locke
  • Last Seen: 9911.30, command codes of "Officer Dreckel" used by Romulan Ambassador T'Pal to log into station computers.
  • Noted Crimes: Allowing infiltration by hostile force resulting in death of numerous base officers, evasion of arrest, murder of StarFleet officers.
  • Ideologies: Maquis connections.
  • History: "Officer Dreckel" was enlisted in Starfleet at StarBase 118 as a shuttle bay operations officer. He allowed a transportation ship which was obviously not of legal origin to enter the starbase's ship bay, and deliver an alien artifact (actually a bomb). Officer Dreckel then dissapeared off the starbase. He is known to be in close contact with the Maquis, possibly acting as one of their cell leaders. When a Starfleet Intelligence officer attempted to arrest him, he managed to intiate a fire fight, killing a number of the arresting officers. Most recently, Officer Dreckel's authorization codes were used by Romulan Ambassador T'Pal to log into StarBase 118 computers, in an attempt to steal data on the base's capabilities.