Oddas Aria

Commodore Oddas Aria is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of Denali Station.

Denali Station
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Oddas Aria
Pronunciation ODE-us Aria
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Commodore
Species Bajoran
Gender Female
DOB 237003.25
Age 31
Birthplace Hathon, Bajor
Writer ID E239305OA0
JSCE Author
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20th Annual Awards Attendee
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Badge 9.png
Top Sim Judge
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Andaris Architect
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Featured Bio Nominee
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Excellence in Training
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Commandant's Citation
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Awards Committee
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25th Anniversary
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Awards Ceremony Nominator Legendary
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Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
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Commemorative Coins
Per Aspera Ad Astra Commemorative Coin.png Year of the Commodore Commemorative Coin.png
A bird takes flight
Went warp 10 and still not a salamander
Fancy flier
Into the Wilds we go
Met a dragonfly
It takes two
Under warranty
These things happen
Subspace Communicator
Operation Safe Harbor
Friend in need
I'm a Doctor, not a...
Elementary MacGyvering
It's part of the job
Back to the past
With all due respect
A modest proposal
What do you want to do tonight, Brain?
That's no Spike!
Tell me, Atlas. What is heavier?
Gadgets and gizmos



  • Height: 1.67m
  • Weight: 52kg
  • Hair: Blonde, Shoulder Length
  • Eyes: Brown


No matter what she is wearing she continues to wear her Grandmother's blue and silver earring on her right ear.

Aria's Signature
Irina's Watch

She has also taken to wearing a watch given to her by Irina on her left wrist and her wedding band on her left ring finger.

Aria Made Wedding Band

Her wedding band was custom made, by Aria herself, and, when triggered, will give the wearer a superficial reading of the paired ring's life signs.

On Duty

Aria takes great pride in her uniform and tries to wear it with distinction. She passed every uniform inspection as a cadet and continues to hold herself to the same exacting standards now that she is in the field.

Off Duty

Aria wears comfortable feminine clothing, often pairing dresses and skirts with jackets. It's not unusual to see her wearing dress clothing with boots or other sensible shoes. When needed, she does not hesitate to dress up.

She does not consider herself someone who collects clothing, but those who have seen her closets would disagree.


Family Background

Aria was born on Bajor in the city of Hathon. Her family, Oddas, is of the ancient D'jarra, the Va'tello, consisting of Sailors, Pilots, and similar professions. In the tradition of their D'jarra her family has always been one steeped in deep military tradition, going underground during the Occupation rather than surrender or take on other professions. She grew up hearing stories of how her extended family were executed by Gul Pirak during the Occupation for not showing loyalty. Her father and mother both were members of the Resistance and, later, the Bajoran Militia. Due to the extensive tradition of the Oddas Family in the military, it was assumed Aria would follow in their footsteps.

Growing up she continued to hear more and more stories from friends and her remaining family, of heroes, ordinary people who fought for the survival of her planet, people who were not part of the military who resisted in other ways or who resisted in unconventional ways. The stories had an impact and made her think she could find ways to serve in ways that did not involve directly picking up a weapon.

Apptitudes, Leading to a Career

Aria was always interested in mechanics, math, and engineering, to the annoyance of her parents who were expert marksmen, logisticians, strategists, and could not understand Engineering as anything more than a 'maintenance' function. To their extra annoyance, she excelled at it. Her interest was brought to a head at the age of 10 when she found a replicator seemingly beyond repair, and everyone told her it would never be useful.

Aria lived in a neighborhood where people did not worry about where their next meal came from, their replicators were working and fresh food was available as needed. When Aria looked around she realized there were boroughs in her own city where people still went hungry and went without - mostly due to apathy. She realized an easy way to help would be to begin repairing things, starting with the scavenged replicator. Despite her family's insistence it could not be done, she searched high and low for replicator parts, taught herself how the machine should operate, and eventually got it functioning well enough to feed one of the poorer areas of the city for three years before it was replaced.

A Different Path, Confrontation with Family

The people around her, many of her classmates, acquaintances, and all of her family, were interested in picking up phasers so they could go and become 'Heros of the Resistance', but during her scavenging efforts she came across the Resistance's engineers who kept the ships running, their weapons repaired, and kept a low profile. It was during this time she began to realize there more than one way to serve a cause. The same engineers spoke of engineering works helping entire planets and species. They spoke of learning things to help the entire galaxy, and the older ones spoke as if Starfleet was the way to help as many people as possible with as little effort expended.

She began to hear more and more stories from ordinary people who had fought for the survival of her planet and not joined the Militia afterward. It opened her eyes to other paths and other people, including her future surrogate family who served in other ways, and outright encouraged others to look for ways to help Bajorans to spread their influence by influencing affairs outside the military.

When Aria decided to break the family tradition and join Starfleet it was not a popular choice[1] in the Oddas house. Aria tried to explain it in Engineering terms: do the most good for the most people with the least effort. Her parents chose not to understand her reasoning and as she was leaving her parents insisted she not come back; her sister told her to never come home in a Starfleet uniform.

Looking Back

As an adult Aria will admit she was not an easy child to parent. She would often disappear for a day or more at a time scavenging for parts for one project or another and would often discard rules she felt served no purpose. She was brought home by constables more than once[2]. She often would make little to no attempt to try and reconcile with her parents after such infractions, leaving her parents feeling helpless. She never considered herself a rebel, but also never understood the need to conform to what others were doing, especially when what they are doing was dumb.


Immediate Family

Stelek, Unofficial Partner
After unlucky bouts with romance in her life, Aria was reluctant to allow someone into her life, for a little bit. That said, she once remarked, "introducing someone to Cada" was a sign she considered you part of her family. She did with Stelek to Cada on shore leave - 249810.10. Stelek shares interests with Aria, and more importantly, a sense of calm, logic, and nonjudgmental caring that Aria did not realize she was missing for some time.
Irina Pavlova
Irina Pavlova, Spouse, Deceased
Irina and Aria began dating at their Commanding Officer's wedding. Growing from there, they married on 239406.29[3] and when Aria was offered the command of the USS Eagle, Irina followed. Irina was injured during an Awards Ceremony aboard the Spike when a series of explosions rocked the station and large sections of the station crushed her back. While initially, she received a promising prognosis, she collapsed shortly thereafter due to complications and died on the bridge in Aria's arms.
Jazmine Snow, Step Daughter
Adopted daughter of Irina. After Irina's passing lived with Nian Kaur, a transport pilot, until forming her own transport company.
Katya Pavlova, Step Daughter
Daughter of Irina, has been living with Cada and Teevin, experiencing as 'normal' a household as Aria and the Ijos can manage.

The Oddas Family

Colonel Oddas Gura, Father
Aria's father and often described as more at home with the higher ranks of military and intelligence officers. Behind his back, he is sometimes called the politician's soldier, something he regrets and sometimes tries to make up for by being 'more soldier than soldier'. After Aria's assistance to her sister she recieved a short communication from her father, simply saying 'thank you'.
General Oddas Umize, Mother
Mother, A front-line soldier through and through. She never wanted Federation membership for Bajor and has earned the respect of every soldier around her through direct action or fear. Stories abound of Umize shooting a subordinate who did not follow her orders, this is known on Bajor as the 'Oddas Way'[4].
Captain Oddas Ushow, Sister
Aria's older sister by a year and as of 239406.27[5] a Captain in the Bajoran Militia. Ushow was as equally, or more so, disdainful of Aria's choice of going into Starfleet as her parents, feeling Starfleet was a 'lesser' service. Sometime before stardate 239811.01 Ushow was piloting a Bajoran Military flyer when it crashed, leaving with a fatal heart condition. Due to their shared Lera's Condition, the only possible way to save the older daughter was through an experimental heart tissue transplant from Aria. Though Aria did not initially plan to donate the tissue, she did so. It has not led to more than an superfical softening of the relationship between the two sisters.

The Ijos - Family in All But Name

After Aria's shunning by her family, she felt alone, isolated, and generally as shut off from the world as she ever had. Combined with the death of Ijo Alea she assumed she would never have a home of her home ever again. She was surprised to find Alea's parents recognizing her pain, fighting through their own, and treating her as their own daughter, always managing to find her and offering her the support she desperately needed. Accepting Aria's non-Bajoran Family into their own, even going so far as to calling Jazmine and Katya grandchildren and making it known the Ijo Estate would be given to Aria in the event of their passing.

Aria, through years of interaction, has deduced there was some sort of tension between the two Bajoran families (Ijo and Oddas) stemming from the time of the Occupation. The Ijos are too polite to mention it outright, and Aria is not on speaking terms to ask her family what it is about.

Ijo Alea
Deceased Fiancé, and friend since secondary school, who had planned to attend Starfleet at the same time as Aria. During a hike, the year before they were scheduled to leave for the Academy Alea was crushed under a rock slide. Aria's family had hoped, not secretly, that Alea's death would weaken Aria's desire to go to Starfleet, but the opposite happened. Alea had planned to go to the academy alongside Aria and unbeknownst to Aria's parents the couple had exchanged promise bracelets - designed and crafted by Aria - in the days leading up to Ijo's death. When her parents pressured her to stay on Bajor after the death, Aria realized that her desire to go was stronger than ever.
Ijo Cada
The mother of Ijo Alea, and someone who has stepped in as a 'surrogate' mother figure to Aria after the death of Alea. Aria calls her 'Mother Cada' and is likely to write to her or visit her when thinking of home. Aria knows few concrete details of Cada's time during the Resistance, but innuendo, stories told, and things Cada knows leads Aria, and everyone around her, to believe she was of some importance in the intelligence gathering field. She insists she is a 'retired Bajoran Housewife', but she seems to know a lot about everyone in her family, which now includes characters ranging from Aria, to Irina Pavlova to Jazmine Snow.
Ijo Teevin
The father of Ijo Alea, and until 239406.29[3] was the head of the History Department at Bajor Academy of Technical and Military Sciences. A man who does not like discuss his own past in the Resistance but does not shy from it, finds there are nonetheless people around him who are willing to embarrass him by telling of his heroic deeds. Brags about Aria as if she were his own daughter, and treats Jazmine and Katya as if they were grandchildren. Introduced Aria to Kali-fal at too early of an age.

Other Important Relationships

Cole Melchor
One of the few close friends made during her years at the academy due to her studies. Cole had never been off Earth before joining the academy. Theirs is a true friendship despite being different species, world experiences, study disciplines. He teases her about being stuck in books and engines, she teases him about only pushing buttons. They stay in touch as often as they can.
Roshanara Rahman
Roshanara Rahman
An Engineer, and Aria's final exam proctor, the two have remained in contact since Aria's graduation. Aria considers Dr. Rahman a friend and mentor, someone who she can send ideas to no matter how crazy they are without them getting ignored. It was this relationship that led to Aria sending Doctor Rahman the initial equations suggestion the basis for the Warp XV Engine but also for the two of them taking the equations from theory to practical application.
Brayden Jorey
Considered by Aria to be a true, if unlikely, friend Jorey is Aria's opposite in almost every way. When she first arrived at the Embassy she found his confidence in her abilities overwhelming to the point she assumed he was just trying to bolster a junior officer. It took quite a while for her to warm up to him, recognizing his concern and outward nature as genuine concern. During a trip to go dancing in the holodeck[6][7] she realized not only did he truly have her best interest at heart, but she trusted him as one of her few close friends.
Toni Turner
Toni Turner
Aria's first Commanding Officer, and the first to entrust Aria with Command responsibilities, shepherding her through the ranks from an Ensign in the Engineering staff to a Commander and the Executive Officer of the Embassy of Duronis II. Aria considers Toni a mentor, a friend, and in a way, family. Aria is sometimes still tongue-tied around the woman, mostly because she wants to make Turner proud of her.


Aria tries to listen to the opinions of those around her, but sometimes to their chagrin and even her own detriment, she will not often back down after making a decision. Stubborn is a word sometimes used to describe her by others, steadfast is a word she uses to describe herself.

When looking for solutions to problems, she is often drawn to the less aggressive and violent solutions, which places her at odds with the Marines and similar minded people under her command who have labeled her as a 'pacifist' or worst. Aria does not think this is a fair assessment and simply feels as if becoming too comfortable with weapons makes it more likely other solutions will be ignored. She will point out several occasions when she has used weaponry to its most logical and violent conclusions, including recently at the battle of Karek Tor[8].

While not still an Engineer on a daily basis, she still finds time to do Engineering work and is most at home working out math and engineering problems. When studying a problem her eyes light up as she considers all ramifications and dark alleys of the solution.

She does not get close to people easily, but she is extremely loyal to a close-knit group of friends, especially those who offer a challenge or puzzle.

People who are close to her note she is more likely to deflect interest away from herself to others, some engineering puzzle, or just some challenge recently faced. She will talk about herself if people pry, but she is almost always embarrassed to do so. She is kind and caring, hopeful for the future, and brave even if she doesn't always show it immediately or in obvious ways[9].

A natural introvert she relies on friends to get her 'out of the house', a condition which was exacerbated with the death of Alea and going to the Academy. She is awkward around people and sometimes speaks before thinking fully and often babbles when nervous. She will socialize when pushed, either by friends or duty, but will not generally go out of her way to do so on her own.

Does not typically like the outdoors, but will make exceptions for places like junkyards and other places she can go to scrounge for parts.


An apparent contradiction to her dedication to engineering is her dedication to the Prophets of Bajor. In her quarters, wherever those may be, will be a small table dedicated to prayer to the Prophets. Despite her falling out with her parents and sister she still prays for the Prophets to guide them, to watch over them, and for their eventual reconciliation.


Aria's quarters are best described as 'organized clutter' - lots of tchotchkes, gadgets, and other collected items ranging from her childhood through to her current work. Some she keeps as an example of things to do, some have dubious sentimental value (such as the stasis container holding the bouquet she caught the night she began dating Irina), and others she keeps as inspiration for solutions to various engineering problems.

Despite her status as Commanding Officer, she maintains an Engineering console to continue research and other projects, academic and practical.

Her quarters at Denali have allowed her to organize and tame some of the clutter she is known for - gradually changing it from a cluttered mess to an organized, cluttered, collection.

Career History

Academic History


Aria entered Starfleet Academy (Full Transcript) on 239008.15 and graduated 239305.03, majoring in Engineering. While there she was drawn to all things dealing with Propulsion systems, and Subspace Theory. Along the way towards graduation, she found herself also drawn towards pure Mathematics and Programming as each seemed to be required to solve harder problems.

Aria was once ordered to retake ENG121: Colossal Failures in Engineering, when she submitted a paper during a seminar (ENGSEM: Subspace Telemetry and Improvements over the Past Century) in which she argued the Argus Array could be upgraded to outperform newer equipment. She fought the decision and ultimately prevailed, but the visiting professor never accepted her premise or conclusions.

Propulsion Systems


Aria received her Masters of Science from the Bajoran Academy of Technical and Military Sciences on Stardate 239502.27 based largely on her research work[10].
Ph.D. in Warp Theory
Aria went on to receive her Ph.D. based primarily on her work on the Warp XV Engine. She successfully defended her Dissertation at the Bajoran Academy of Technical and Military Sciences on Stardate 239602.16. Her Dissertation was entitled The Discovery of a Multitude of Subspace Layers and the Ramifications on Warp Speeds.
Subspace Applications

Warp XV Engine

Aria has been instrumental in getting Starfleet's Warp XV Engine program up and running. She discovered the first indications such an Engine might be possible on stardate 239312.13[11] and forward her results to Doctor Rahman for verification which began in earnest on stardate 239402.17[12].

Starfleet built a test vehicle, the Nova Aster, powered by the Oddas-Rahman Next Generation Warp Propulsion Assembly (OR Assembly Mark 1). Piloted by Aria and Roshanara the vehicle penetrated a 12th previously unknown layer of subspace before developing issues that kept it from continuing[13].


Aria was first posted to the Embassy on Duronis II Stardate 239305.03 and found herself taking charge of the Engineering Department. With no time to get acquainted with her new staff or surroundings, she was immediately sent out on her first mission, finding herself aboard a Betazoid freighter in need of being brought out of warp with a comatose crew and deadly Terran-Betzoid telepathic cats.

Due to her handling of the mission she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assumed an acting role of Chief Engineer and during the subsequent invasion of Embassy by Zalkonian and Romulan Empire forces, bringing the USS Bronwyn into battle-ready shape in order to defend the embassy. During the battle and the aftermath, she earned a subsequent promotion to Full Lieutenant and the post of Chief Engineer.

During following missions she proved herself capable of keeping the Embassy engineering systems running, improved and finding time to repair and maintain both the Bronwyn and Thunder. This work, as well as research and other activities with various members of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, earned her a promotion to Lieutenant Commander on 239402.09.

Aria reluctantly accepted the posting of First Officer of the Embassy on 239404.13 and earned her promotion to full Commander following the first contact with the Ewo and Vouaht on 239410.05. Following her work on the subsequent mission, and with Admiral Turner seeing the need to place a full-time Commanding Officer aboard the USS Thunder-A she was placed aboard as the joint Commanding Officer alongside Brayden Jorey, a post she held until shortly after she and her co-commander routed slave traders from Cairdeas station.

On Stardate 239510.31 Aria was surprised when she was tasked to take command of the USS Eagle[14], an Intrepid Class vessel being tasked to head into the Aavaro Wilds, a previously inaccessible area of the Cardassian Union. Following a particularly stressful first contact mission between the Eagle crew and The People, Aria was promoted to Captain in a ceremony overseen by Admiral Turner[15].

While in command of the Eagle Aria was tasked to command the USS Juneau as part of the effort to test the Warp XV Engine. The Juneau, still under construction, was tasked with delivering vital intelligence and simultaneously pushing the latest Warp XV engines to their limits.

Based on the performance of the Juneau, and the ever-growing understanding of the Wilds, Starfleet Command transferred Oddas - and a bulk of the Eagle crew, to the Juneau. Due largely to the efforts of the Juneau's crew Starfleet command saw the utility of having a permanent presence in the area and commissioned Denali Station, ordering the newly promoted Fleet Captain Oddas Aria to head up the expedition.

Other Important Events

Loss of Arm

Aria's New Arm
Aria's Tattoo

On Stardate 239403.12[9] Aria was in the Typhon Expanse assisting in the testing of the new TSD. During the mission her ship and crew came under attack by several Borg drones and during the ensuing confrontation, Aria was shot in the arm while protecting a Laudean scientist. The shot caused extensive damage to her right arm and the normal course of treatment would have been the replacement of her right arm and shoulder. Due to a rare genetic marker, Lera Syndrome[16], in her body, she is unable to accept cloned tissue and she was fitted with a prosthetic by Dr Boris Hendon.

Her model arm is a Helms-Merkel-Tor, MK-IV[16]

The confrontation and subsequent replacement have reminded Aria of the assimilation process. In an attempt to deal with the emotional trauma, or avoid it, Aria began studying the arm's power systems, sensors, and other systems in order to understand them. She stopped when she had made the power 8% more efficient, the sensors 10% more sensitive along her fingertips, and installed a remote kill switch. The upgrades came at the expense of it becoming slightly more sensitive to hard hits and similar events, causing it to need to be reset during particularly explosive encounters.

Around stardate 240004.05 Aria had the arm mostly covered in a tattoo aboard Lightside Station at the Golden Goose Tattoo Parlor. The design defaults to standard black ink, but changes color and exact angle to match and complement the colors of her clothing and other factors when showing. The design itself covers roughly from the upper shoulder to elbow joint and is angled to provide room for the entire design.

Racing History

Pelasht United

Light Ship

Aria raced the Ital Coanda d'Selim, her solar sailing vessel, in the Annual Bajoran Lightship Regatta, a race through the Bajoran system. Joined by her stepdaughter Jazmine Snow the two took third overall after a near emergency threatened to take out their main sails.[17]


Stelek invited Aria to participate in the Hermes Ultra 15KKM Landrace, a race of landpseeders around the the circumference of Mercury in the Sol system. As a member of the pit crew for Pelasht United, a team of racers based on Vulcan that participates in what some would consider high risk racing events, Aria was responsible for various engineering systems. Despite 15 to 1 odds the United team eeked out a win due to a combination of innovation and cunning.[18]

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239305.03 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering
Ensign 239305.03 Embassy/USS Thunder-A Engineering Officer
Lieutenant (JG) 239306.28 - 239309.04 Embassy/USS Thunder-A Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 239309.04 - 239402.09 Embassy/USS Thunder-A Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander 239402.09 - 239404.13 Embassy/USS Thunder-A Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander 239404.13 - 239408 Embassy/USS Thunder-A First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239408- 239412.15 Embassy/USS Thor First Officer
Commander 239412.05 - 239507.05 Embassy/USS Thor First Officer
Commander 239507.05 - 239510.30 USS Thunder-A Commanding Officer
Commander 239510.30 - 239605.24 USS Eagle Commanding Officer
Captain 239605.24 - 239704.28 USS Eagle Commanding Officer
Captain 239704.27 - 239905.08 USS Juneau Commanding Officer
Fleet Captain 239905.08 - 2340011.29 Denali Station Commanding Officer
Commodore 2340011.29 - Present Denali Station Commanding Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
TOSMA 239306.25
Embassy of Duronis II
Great dedication in their behavior and simming abilities.
Russ Bar 239406.24
Embassy of Duronis II
For General Knowledge of Star Trek, Especially Engineering and Starship Design
Pathfinder Award 239406.24
Embassy of Duronis II
For Work and Dedication in mentoring new members and returning members.
Rising Star Award 239406.29
Embassy of Duronis II
For showing great promise in may facets of participation in the group and to whom we look to as a future leader.
Boothby Award 239406.29
Embassy of Duronis II
Outstanding example of dedication to bringing new cadets to our community.
Trailblazer Award 239406.29
Embassy of Duronis II
Provide unique opportunities that help to make our game an immersive and unique Star Trek experience.
Phoenix Award 239406.30
Embassy of Duronis II
Goes to those Engineering officers who continue the tradition of excellence in the field of engineering.
1-year Member 239406.30
Embassy of Duronis II
1 Year of Service.
Neelix Award 239506.28
Embassy of Duronis II
For extra, out-of-character simming devotion.
Sheathed Sword 239506.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Presented to those to decide to inflict mental and/or physical trauma on their character, and then dive into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner.
Strange Medallion Ribbon 239506.28
Embassy of Duronis II
For First Officer of the Year
B-Plot Award 239606.24
USS Eagle
Showing the trials and tribulations of the character while developing character, story, and fleet.
3-year Member 239606.28
USS Eagle
3 Years of Service.
Staff Member of the Year Award Ribbon 239706.30
USS Juneau
Contributing tirelessly to the Organization.
Christopher Pike Pendant Ribbon 239706.30
USS Juneau
Command with honor and dedication.
5-year Member 239806.30
USS Juneau
5 Years of Service.
Sarek Star Ribbon 239906.30
Denali Station
Great diplomatic ability.
Honor of the Admiralty Ribbon 240007.07
Denali Station
Extraordinary Service to the Fleet
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239305.03
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Good Conduct Ribbon 239306.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.
War of Shadows Ribbon 239306.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Awarded to an individual who participated in the War of Shadows in 2393.
Captain's Commendation 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II
Admiral Turner
Legion of Merit 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II
Her efforts to keep the Bronwyn in one piece and up and running during conflict.
Innovation Ribbon 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II
Innovative design and successful implementation of the TOUPM.
Purple Heart 239406.24
Embassy of Duronis II
Sustaining Injury in the Line of Duty, The Lost Son of Leto
Explorer's Ribbon 239411.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Her efforts exploring space through the Graviton Catapult, Alternative to Warp
First Contact Ribbon 239411.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Present during the first contact with the Vouaht and the Ewo, Alternative to Warp
Diplomacy Ribbon 239411.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Assisting the Establishment of the Federation Outpost in the Typhon Anchorage System
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239503.02
Embassy of Duronis II
Keeping the peace during the Mission to Kjenta II
Explorer's Ribbon 239507.05
Embassy of Duronis II
Exploring the sector of space known as Skull Reef
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239510.30
Embassy of Duronis II
Working with Laudeans and others to destroy a slave smuggling ring.
Captain's Commendation 239510.30
Embassy of Duronis II
Work above and beyond the call of duty to open Cairdeas Station.
Innovation Ribbon 239510.30
Embassy of Duronis II
Devlopment of a Tachyon Grid to detect cloaked Orion vessels.
First Contact Ribbon 239601.02
USS Eagle
First Contact with the Mithgiln and the Verillians
Explorer's Ribbon 239601.02
USS Eagle
Exploration in the Aavaro Wilds, contact with the Mithgiln and the Verillians
Legacy Ribbon 239601.02
USS Eagle
Participation in the Relaunch of the USS Eagle
Explorer's Ribbon 239605.27
USS Eagle
Exploration in the Aavaro Wilds, contact with the The People
Prisoner of War Ribbon 239605.27
USS Eagle
Having been taking Prisoner by The People during the Cleanliness Protocol incident.
Diplomacy Ribbon 239608.22
USS Eagle
Peacibly resolving conflict with the crew of the Cam'roon during the Holy Orders mission.
Explorer's Ribbon 239608.22
USS Eagle
Discovering an alternate dimension and space during the Holy Orders mission.
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon 239608.22
USS Eagle
Travelling in an alternate dimension during the Holy Orders mission
Starship Commander Ribbon 239611.19
USS Eagle
Commanding the USS Eagle for 1 Year.
Purple Heart 239701.21
USS Juneau
Injuries sustained during a sabotage incident onboard the Juneau.
Project Capstone Ribbon 239701.21
USS Juneau
For participation in Project Capstone.
Warp XV Drive Pioneer 239701.21
USS Juneau
Work Instrumental in the development of the Warp XV drive.
Legion of Merit 239701.21
USS Juneau
Successfully bringing the Juneau home.
Orion Syndicate Service Medal 239701.21
USS Juneau
Successfully Engaging the Orions to secure the USS Juneau.
Distinguished Service Ribbon 239701.21
USS Juneau
For being the driving force in the development of the USS Juneau.[19]
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239705.18
USS Eagle
Working with the Acens in the protection of The Ring
First Contact Ribbon 239705.18
USS Eagle
First contact with the inhabitants of The Ring and the Acens
Diplomacy Ribbon 239705.18
USS Eagle
Working with the Acens to resolve the situation peacefully.
Maiden Voyage Ribbon 239707.18
USS Juneau
First offical flight of the USS Juneau.
Diplomacy Ribbon 239710.28
USS Juneau
Forging Peace with the Jem'Hadar in the Aavaro Wilds.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239710.28
USS Juneau
Dismantling the Breen Piracy Operations
First Contact Ribbon 239712.30
USS Juneau
First contact with the Lifeform in the spaces of the Aavaro Wilds
Lifesaving Ribbon 239803.11
USS Juneau
Working to save the Shonora during Visitors In The Night
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239806.24
USS Juneau
Finding a peaceful solution during The Brave Ferengi
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239806.24
USS Juneau
Working with the Jem'Hadar during The Brave Ferengi
First Contact Ribbon 239809.18
USS Juneau
Contacting the inhabitants of DeoliaReturn to the Ring
Starship Commander Ribbon 239809.18
USS Juneau
Commanding the USS Juneau
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon 239811.18
USS Juneau
Pied Piper
Good Conduct Ribbon 239811.18
USS Juneau
Pied Piper
Explorer's Ribbon 239902.02
USS Juneau
The Silent Monster
Diplomacy Ribbon 239902.02
USS Juneau
The Silent Monster
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon 239905.08
USS Juneau
Finders Keepers
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239905.08
USS Juneau
Finders Keepers
Maiden Voyage Ribbon 239909.05
Denali Station
A Web Unbound
Diplomacy Ribbon 239909.05
Denali Station
A Web Unbound
First Contact Ribbon 239909.05
Denali Station
A Web Unbound
Diplomacy Ribbon 239912.28
Denali Station
Take Me Somewhere Else
Starship Commander Ribbon 239912.28
Denali Station
Commanding Denali Station
Innovation Ribbon 240005.09
Denali Station
Protecting the station during the events of Annilation Approaches
Good Conduct Ribbon 240005.09
Denali Station
Protecting the station during the events of Annihilation Approaches
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 240008.30
Denali Station
Work during Orb of Renewal
Explorer's Ribbon 240008.30
Denali Station
Work during Orb of Renewal
First Contact Ribbon 240008.30
Denali Station
Meeting the natives of Osalu III during Orb of Renewal
Denali Invitational Ribbon 240011.16
Denali Station
Awarded for participation in the Denali Invitational event.
Legion of Merit 240011.29
Denali Station
Awarded for organizing the Denali Invitational
Diplomacy Ribbon 240104.12
Denali Station
Awarded for furthuring ties to Lightside staation during Dark Side of Lightside
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 240104.12
Denali Station
Awarded for furthuring ties to Lightside staation during Dark Side of Lightside

Medical History

Medical History


Mission Archive

Be My Friend (239305)
The USS Thunder-A tries to stop a runaway freighter from crashing on Duronis II and the Embassy 'Shadow Team' try to uncover a mole who has been feeding intel to the Orion Syndicate.
Crises of Identity (239307)
The Crew of the Embassy on Duronis II uncovers and Orion plot that would destabilize the beta quadrant and works to put a stop to it.
Turner-Waltas Wedding (239309)
Toni Turner weds Tyr Waltas in a huge celebration on Duronis II with attendees from all over the galaxy.
Family Troubles (239312)
Captain Waltas' son uses his telepathic abilities to take control over Toni to exact revenge.
The Lost Son of Leto (239403)
An experimental device is tested to allow safe travel through the Typhon Expanse.
Guerrilla Warfare (239406)
A suicide bomber detonates a bomb just as Aria is promoted to XO.
Fracking Reality (239408)
A shakedown cruise into the Expanse turns into something more when the EMH decides to send the crew on a crazy holiday.
Alternative to Warp (239410)
Investigating Graviton pulses in the Typhon Expanse the Thor finds itself in the middle of an ancient war, and in another galaxy.
Return to Paradise (239412)
A Mission to Kjenta II allows for the crew to rescue the remnants of a pre-warp society.
Disposable Heros (239503)
In pursuit of one of their own, Aria leads a small task force against a Romulan Warbird commanded by Eden Redstone, and fends off romantic overtures from Romulan Sub-Commander Jukoka.
Skull Reef (239505)
A manufacturing defect in the navigational array of the USS Thunder A leads the crew to Skull Reef and a probable offshoot of ancient Bajorans.
Fortuna (239507)
Aria and Brayden take the USS_Thunder-A on a mission to rescue captured Laudeans, destined to be slaves of the Orion Crime syndicate.
Mithgilin in the Wild (239510)
The Eagle enters the wild, and makes some new friends - and enemies.
Ordering History (239601)
The Eagle is tasked to retrieve an artifact originally identified by the Obsidian Order a quarter-century before. A Century and a half and no time later, Aria and the Crew recover a stone of incredible power.
Cleanliness Protocol (239603)
While assisting a freighter during a distress call Aria and other Eagle crewmembers are abducted by The People due to their fanatic belief that minor genetic conditions made them fit only to be food.
Holy Orders (239606)
Testing a new Warp XV engine and related deflectors the Eagle gets stranded in a layer of subspace not it's own, and crashed into a holy shrine.
The Hidden Missionaries (239608)
After an explosion rips through the Eagle's Awards Ceremony the crew tracks the source of the bombings to Karek Tor, an old Cardassian space station, with deadly consequences for both the crew and Aria personally.
If This Goes On... (239702)
Intelligence reports brings the crew to a 1.25M-year-old Ringworld, though initial intelligence reported it abandoned, the crew finds a race of intelligent, manufactured beings, and a group of outsiders who wish to keep the ring malfunctioning to produce power supplies. Aria ends the conflict by bringing the other Captain aboard and negotiating the development of a new replacement power source.
No Matter the Cost (239707)
On the inaugural, official, mission of the USS Juneau Aria leads her crew in stopping a comet from destroying a primitive civilization, and going against a rogue faction of The People.
Cloak and Dagger (239708)
The Juneau starts the day trying to track down and subdue Pirates, only to end by making peace and allowing a small colony of Jem'Hadar to remain in the Aavaro Wilds.
Mad Mad World (239711)
Aria awakes believing she is a professor in a small town outside 1969 New York.
Visitors In The Night (239801)
The Juneau crew finds two vessels caught between a blackhole and a quasar.
The Brave Ferengi (239803)
Aria leads and effort to negotiate between a colony of Jem'Hadar, a Feringi, and Vulcan arms merchant.
Return to the Ring (239806)
The Juneau assists the USS Grace Hopper in retrieving a missing Away Team.
Pied Piper (239809)
Aria, along with her crew, is forced to confront old demons.
Monster Silent Monster (239902)
The Juneau Crew must extract the Borg's influence from a primitive culture.
Finders Keepers (239904)
The Juneau Crew works to retrieve a stolen artifact from a band of pirates, and captive refugees along the way.
A Web Unbound 239906
During the first mission on Denali Station, Aria finds herself with a possible Spider infestation and a reminent of a ancient civilization.
Take Me Somewhere Else 239909
While the science staff is trapped undwerwater far away from the city, Aria is trapped with a group of diplomats to hammer out an agreement.
Annihilation Approaches 240001
When Denali Station finds itself hit by a number of asteroids, the crew has to scrable to protect the city and its population - and find the culprit.
Orb of Renewal 240005
The crew uses the USS Eagle to retrieve a the Bajoran Orb of Renewal, and Aria finds herself trapped in the past.
The Denali Invitational 240009
Aria participates in a race through the system.
The Dark Side of Lightside 2400101
Aria has to be diplomatic, to help people who might not want the help.

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Commanding Ofc.
Oddas Aria
Tomas Falt
Acting Sec/Tac Cf.
John Kendrick
Tac Ofc.
Alex Forsyth
Tac Ofc.
Hath Bowman
Sec Ofc.
Daniel McGillian
Chief Engineer.
Engineering Ofc.
Ghee’looth Xiron
Chief Sci Ofc.
Alora DeVeau
Science Ofc.
Medical Ofc.
Araxxu Vahin
Arthur Strathmore
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