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[[Category:Outlying Territories planets]]
[[Category:Outlying Territories planets]]
[[Category:Valcarian planets]]
[[Category:Valcarian planets]]
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Region Outlying Territories
Sector Harkanon Sector
System Delica system
Sun(s) 1: Delik
Moon(s) 0
Class P
Climate Arid, frigid
Gravity 0.78G
Primary terrain Barren glaciers, mountains, ice canyons, fjords, frozen oceans
Length of Day 15h
Length of Year 754d
Native species 15000 Caraadians, Valcarians
Government organized crime family
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Ocedra is an Outlying Territories planet in the Delica system. Its name in Old Renaaran means "home or safe place," which is what the planet is to some of the unsavory elements that come to the Delica system.

Points of interest

Cialnar Cove, Rianim's Emporium, Elondra's Point, Vaemir Mountain, Aheli Mountains, Falia, Falia Major Sea, Falia Minor Sea