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Essential Specifications
Class Sagan
Type Long-range Explorer/Cruiser
Class commissioned 2400
Ship commissioned 2400
Length 540.7 meters
Beam 230.3 meters
Height 120.6 meters
Decks 16
Detailed Specs
Crew Complement
Officers 150
Enlisted 450
Total Crew 600
Max Evacuation Capacity 3000
Civilians Allowed, with permission required
Civilian Contingent Variable, but generally mission-specific and low
Families Few, but allowed, with permission required
Support Vessels
Shuttlecraft 2 type-14 long-range
2 type-17 heavy cargo
2 type-18
Runabouts 2 Argonaut class
Other craft 1 captain’s skiff
The Gamma Glider
6 Valkyrie II
Printer The OEB is also equipped with a shuttle printer,

though there are limitations for anything larger than a


System Specifications
Normal Cruising Speed Warp 12
Maximum Cruising Speed Warp 14
Maximum Top Speed Warp 15
Warp Engines Dual OR -400 Series Mark V+
Warp Core Specs Two 4,000+ Cochrane warp core feeds fourLF-81

Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units

Impulse Engines FIG-8 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Unit
Primary Nav System RAV/ISHAK Mod 11 Warp Celestial Guidance
Slipstream Capable? Yes
Computer Systems Experimental M47 Quadrotronic Processor

w/ upgraded Bio-Neural Gel Isolinear Chips

Beam Weapons 9 type-XIV phaser arrays (with ionic trace)
Projectile Weapons 3 pulse-fire torpedo launchers
Shields Auto-modulated multiphasic  shields,

total capacity 5,000,000 terajoules

Armor Heavy double hull
Duranium microfoam and tritanium plating
10-cm ablative armor

Notable Features:

  • Unlike many modern vessels, the Octavia E. Butler was commissioned with carpeted floors.
  • It also has more windows than others of its class
  • Like other vessels of this class, the OEB has four shuttlebays and a large complement of Type-14 shuttles.
    • Shuttlecraft assigned to the OEB are typically named for published works of the author and include:
      • Wild Seed
      • Clay’s Ark
      • Survivor
      • Patternmaster
      • Dawn
      • Imago
    • Type-17 heavy cargos:
      • Kindred
      • Fledgling
      • Argonaut Runabouts:
      • Sower
      • Talents
    • The OEB also includes a contingent of Valkyrie fighters, managed by a marine squad
  • The main lounge on the OEB is located 8FWD and features a library motif (dubbed the “Writers Room” or “8-Foreword” it doubles as a museum with artifacts from the life of OEB). Several OEB quotes adorn 8 FWD:

"There is no end to what a living world will demand of you"

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”

“All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change.”

“Drowning people sometimes die fighting their rescuers.”

  • A jogging track runs the perimeter of Deck 9; 1 lap=1 km.
  • No pools (hot/cold tubs in gym); no cetacean ops (bioneural circuitry nav)
  • A two-storied astrometrics lab adjoining Stellar Cartography.
  • Phasers emit an ionic trace, which can be used to track targets previously hit, even through a cloak.