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Octavia E. Butler Simming Guide


Octavia E Butler Simming Guide

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the USS Octavia E Butler simming group, part of the larger UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet. The Ocatavia E Butler launched in February 2024 (Stardate 240102) when the crew of the USS Oumuamua (who had simmed on that ship since June 2022 (239906)) transfered to the new ship. A few of the crew had previously served on the USS Oumuamua, which was in active service from June 2022 (239906)

We've prepared this guide to help you get acquainted with how we do things around here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your mentor or the command team.

If you'd like a handy reference to the training guidance from the Academy, that can be found here:

Additionally, Ensigns should check out these resources: Ensigns Orientation.

Most of everything covered there is applicable on the Octavia E Butler, but the information in the guide below supersedes anything from the Academy!

Table of Contents

I: Basics

Keys to success
An overview of the OEB Google Groups
How your sims should look

II: Octavia E Butler 101

In and around the Gamma Quadrant, the OEB's primary setting
An introduction to your characters' new home
Learn more about the major characters

III: Operating Procedures

Who are the group staff members and what do they do?
What's the difference and how to do both effectively
How to turn your idea into a proposal

IV: Beyond the Basics

Guide to advancement
Things to do outside of simming
Help welcome newcomers

REV SD 240101.19