OEB Rank Questionnaires

Are you a simmer on the USS Octavia E Butler who is interested in moving toward your next rank? Complete the appropriate questionnaire to the command team!


PICstyle-lt red.png

Pursuing a promotion to Lieutenant:

  • What has your experience been like so far on the Oumuamua? If you've simmed elsewhere in the fleet, feel free to also discuss, compare, or contrast those experiences.
  • What can we, as the Oumuamua command team, do to improve your experience on the Oumuamua and in the Starbase 118 fleet?
  • What are some in character (IC) goals you'd like to work on for your primary character? Do you have any story arcs in mind? Do you need any help getting them implemented?
  • What are some out of character (OOC) goals you have for yourself, or things you'd like to work on or toward as a simmer?
  • Are you involved in any OOC activities around the fleet? If not, would you be interested in learning about any in particular? Do you want to get a sense of what activities exist?

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Pursuing a promotion to Lieutenant Commander:

  • What IC goals would you like to achieve in the next 3-6 months? What about longer-term goals?
  • What OOC goals would you like to achieve in the next 3-6 months? What about longer-term goals?
  • Please list and describe all OOC activities you are involved with around the fleet. Are there any you would be interested in learning more about?
  • As a lieutenant commander, you will gain access to the Oumuamua staff group and will take part in the Oumuamua's mentoring program, so several questions here ask about mentorship of new players. As a mentor, how will you help a new player develop their primary character?
  • Choose two of the following five prompts and answer them:
    • Consider this scenario: A new ensign has joined the ship but after sending their first sim, they haven't responded IC or OOC. You are assigned as their mentor. How would you approach them? Please include a draft of an email you would send to her.
    • Consider this scenario: You are in a scene with two other players, one of whom is your mentee. Your mentee writes to you to complain that the other player has missed their tags. How would you respond to them? Please include a draft of any emails you would send your mentor and any email drafts you would send to the other player in the scene.
    • On a ship with a crew of 12-15 people, it's easy for players, especially newcomers, to feel lost in the shuffle or neglected. If you saw your mentee sticking to simming with the same one or two people, how would you help get them to sim with others? What steps would you take to ensure you yourself are modeling broad engagement with others besides just your immediate friends or favorite writing partners?
    • A new member has joined the ship but is having trouble adapting to the 118 simming style, frequently leaving in other people's narration and thoughts and mostly just filling in direct dialogue responses. You are assigned as their mentor. How would you address this issue?
    • You are leading an away team and one of the team members complains to you that they don't know what to do next with the plot. How would you respond, both IC and OOC?

PICstyle-cmdr red.png

Pursuing a promotion to Commander:

  • Promotions to commander involve additional work and a vote on promotion by the Captains Council, so this is a preliminary set of questions that will precede your commander promotion process. Please confirm that you are indeed interested in going for commander. If you are, what are your reasons for pursuing the rank and your long-term goals in the fleet? If you aren’t interested in promotion, what are your next immediate goals IC and OOC?
  • Please list and describe your OOC activities.
  • Have you completed your Academy requirements? If not, please explain what you have completed.
  • Provide a short description (a couple of sentences each) of each away team your primary character led as a lieutenant commander.
  • During the commander promotion process, you will need to complete a written exam (over a 50-hour period) and design and run a full mission as CO. Would you be able to do so in the next 3-6 months? If not, and if you are interested in further promotion, when do you anticipate that you would be able to complete both of these requirements?
  • Return to the lieutenant questionnaire. You should have answered two of the five mentoring prompts with that questionnaire. Include answers to the three prompts you didn't choose with this questionnaire response.