OEB Deck Layout

Deck Saucer/Blade Secondary Hull (Eng) Layout (click to enlarge)
A Torpedo/Probe Launchers

Dorsal Shield Generators

Perimeter Sensor Platform

Planetary Sensor Array

OEB Deck A.png
B Primary Torpedo Magazine

Probe replicator system

Plasma Accelerators

Primary Shuttle Flight Operations (Flight Ops)

OEB Deck B.png
1 Captain’s Ready Room

Main Bridge

Observation Lounge

The Bridge of Sagan-class starship with Captains Ready Room and Observation Lounge
Bridge Stations for the OEB
Viewing Lounge OEB Deck 1.png
2 Senior Officers Mess Hall

Senior Officers Quarters (4)

OEB Deck 2.png
3 Captain’s Quarters

XO Quarters & Office

Upper Warp Field Governors

Shuttle Maintenance Hangar

Shuttle Loading Deck

OEB Deck 3.png
4 Senior Officers Quarters (18)

Transporter Rooms 1-2

VIP/Guest Quarters (2)

Deuterium Storage

Upper Lateral Navigation Sensors

OEB Deck 4.png
5 Chief Medical Officer’s Office

Counsellor’s Office


Holosuites (1)

Main Sickbay and Infirmary

Senior Officers Quarters (60)

VIP Staterooms (5)

Deuterium Storage


Upper Shuttlebay Fuel Depot

Upper Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support

OEB Deck 5.png
6 Forward Tractor Beam Emitter

Junior Officers Quarters (100)

Narrow Angle Active EM Scanner

Operations Center - Upper Level

Aft Observation Lounge

Deuterium Injector Assembly


Upper Engineering Support Area

OEB Deck 6.png
7 Armoury

Chief Security Officer’s Office

Holosuite-Security (1)

Tactical Officers Office

Junior Officers’ Quarters (100) & Small Crew Lounges

Main Brig

Operations Department Office

Transporter Rooms 3-4

Upper Main Holodecks (10)

Upper Primary Computer Cores 1-2

Weapon Range

Operations Center - Lower Level

Primary IDF Generators (AFT)

Shuttlebay 2

OEB Deck 7.png
8 Botanical Arboretum (upper)

Crew Lounge (8 FWD, aka: the Writers Room)

Crew Quarters (100)

Junior Officers Quarters (50)

Main Holodecks (10)

Upper Hanger Deck

Main Impulse Engines (P/S)

Primary ODN Trucks

Upper Shuttlebay

OEB Deck 8.png
9 Botanical Arboretum

Bowling Alley

Holodeck Buffers & Processors

Holosuits (4)

Primary Docking Ports

Primary Maintenance Support Centre

Recreation Deck, 1 km jogging track, Sauna Spa

Main Level Hanger Deck

Main Impulse Engines (P/S)

Pilots Briefing Room

RCS Thruster Assemblies

Main level Shuttlebay 1

OEB Deck 9.png
10 Hydroponics

Primary Science Labs (many) [including upper astrometrics)

Ships Library

Cybernetics Labs

Main Engineering Upper Level

Upper Aft Cargo Bays

OEB Deck 10.png
11 Primary EPS Conduit

Primary EPS Power Taps

Primary Systems Support Compartment

Secondary ODN Trucks

Ships Supply Office

Stellar Cartography & 2-story astrometrics lab(s)

Tactical Cartography

Wide Angle Active EM Scanner

Chief Engineering Officer’s Office

Lower Aft Cargo Bays

Lower Lateral Navigation Sensors

Main Engineering Lower Level

Plasma Accelerators

Power Distribution (maybe fwd?)

Power Transfer Conduit Control Centre

Primary IDF Generators (FWD

OEB Deck 11.png
12 Gamma Ray Telescope

Main Turbolift Shaft

Environmental Control

Environmental Support

Secondary Systems Support

Main Turbolift Shaft

Biological Cargo Storage

Plasma Accelerators


OEB Deck 12.png
13 Lower Warp Field Governors

Main Navigation Deflector

Parametric Subspace Field Sensor

Secondary Command Bridge

Hanger Deck Elevator Systems

Antimatter Injection Reactors

Antimatter Injector Assembly

Antimatter Loading

Antimatter Storage Pods

Warp Core Ejection Ports

OEB Deck 13.png
14 Main Navigation Deflector

Navigational Deflector Control

Tractor Beam Control

Upper Forward Cargo Bay

Aft Tractor Beam Emitter

Anti-Matter Generator

Antimatter Storage Pods

Fusion Reactor

Gravimetric Polaron Generators

OEB Deck 14.png
15 Lower Forward Cargo Bay

Variable Frequency EM Scanner

Waste Management

OEB Deck 15.png
16 Plasma Accelerators

Transporter Emitter (Ventral)

Ventral Phaser Array

OEB Deck 16.png

Approximate Deck Space

Deck Radial Length (meters)

[Center to front]

Elliptical Area (sq meters)

[Area of saucer segment]

2ndary Hull

(sq m)

Notes on 2ndary Hull Components
0 0 1000
1 17 578 1000 Viewing Longue
2 23.5 1104.5 0 Open to below
3 30 1800 1600 Shuttle Maintenance Hangar
4 40 3200 600 Mostly open to below
5 80 12800 1600 Deuterium Storage
6 112 25088 1000 Somewhat open
7 132 34848 1600 Suttlebay upper level
8 144 41472 1000 open to below (mostly)
9 148 43808 16588 Shuttlebay connector
10 140 39200 580 Upper Eng & lab
11 113 25538 16000 Engineering
12 100 20000 16000 Transverse Turbolifts
13 34 2312 open to below
14 34 2312 1600 Storage
15 (all aft of center) 2000 0 2ndary hull does not have decks 15 and 16
16 (same) 1000 0