OEB Auxiliary Craft

Like other vessels of this class, the OEB has three aft hanger bags are interconnected with a forward hanger just behind the bridge on deck 3. The OEB also a large complement of Type-14 shuttles. Shuttlecraft assigned to the OEB are typically named for published works of the author and include:

List of OEB Auxiliary Craft
Type 14 long-range shuttlecraft
Wild Seed

Clay’s Ark





Type 14 Long Range Shuttle.png
Type-17 heavy cargos:


Argo shuttle.jpg
Argonaut class Runabouts:


Argonaut top 01.jpg
Plausible Deniability Modified Argonaut

Valkyrie fighters

The OEB also includes a contingent of Valkyrie class fighters, managed by a marine squad.


The Shuttle Bays

There is a large complement of shuttles that are stored in the four shuttle bays of the OEB, one of which features a shuttle printer. This allows for the rapid deployment of Auxiliary craft

A view of the shuttlebay that is accessed from the Dorsal side of the ship, through deck 3