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Historical Archive Information on The Below

Not much was known about the Below, a section of Starbase 118 underneath the Dungeon area that had been in existence since before the destruction of the first incarnation of the starbase. Starfleet personnel discounted the possibility of the Below due to extensive mapping of the starbase and in part, an unwillingness to entertain what they ascribe to was an urban legend.

The Below came about before Kalandra succeeded in the bombing of the original starbase, with the location being a major commercial and civilian trade hub. A precursory investigation by an intelligence officer, Silberg (who was later exposed and courtmartialed when he was discovered passing information from the starbase to the Romulans, predating the Yolanda Wars). The Darkness, was its denziens commonly refer it to, composed of various races and individuals engaged in activities ranging from slave auctions, species trafficking, killers for hire, thieves and pickpockets, to slum-style living and brothels.

It was a level that was not specifically developed as the Commerical Section or Dungeon was, and in place of a designed floor is a dark conglomorant of passages designed by its citizens, which snake into a labyrinth leading to different areas, depending on where one's appetite and interests went. The Slave Auctions and drugs drove much of the commerce, as well as weapons trading. There was no official code, and money was everything. Homeless were known to occupy the Below.

There were five ways into the Below, each access point monitored and guarded (or some cases, carefully hidden where station citizens can't easily access the gateways). Those who ventured, or stumbled, into the Below, often did not return.

  • Further wiki information noted that there are actually seven ways to enter the Below. References still needed for this notation

Historical Engineering of the Below

The Below was crafted with a layer of plasticized tritanium mesh in the bulkheads - this was added in 2375 during the refit construction. Plasticized tritanium mesh prevents sensors from piercing the level and poorly done station plans overlooked this area, casting it as only computer circuitry and power relays.

All mesh was removed on 239306.03 and sensors can now penetrate all areas of the station, including those of the Below.

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