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The original Nova Room existed along the external side of Midway Station's promenade. Since Midway Station no longer exists, it was relocated to Deep Space 26. On the station's deck 13, patrons can find the new Nova Room, a dark bar lit by whatever starlight filters through the immense viewports along one wall. Discharges and storms within the nearby Jenatris Cloud also provide patrons with a spectacular view.

The Nova Room offers food, drink, and gambling for DS26's many visitors and inhabitants. The atmosphere is lively. Exotic serving girls distribute drinks to high-paying and high-tipping customers. Patrons congregate at the tables near the viewports, telling stories and enjoying a hearty meal. Gamblers and newcomers try their luck at the numerous gaming tables where the stakes can rise as quickly as the players' tempers. The Nova Room claims to be the heart of DS26, where people come to relax, smugglers come to seal deals, and passengers come for the atmosphere.

The Nova Room's décor is dark and rich. Seats are finely upholstered in thick leather, while shiny metal fittings adorn the bar, ceiling supports, booth separators and viewport edges. A classy little band often performs upbeat tunes on a small stage at one end, backed by velvet curtains that absorb the music just enough so audible conversation is still possible. The glassware on tables and the bar sparkle with reflected starlight from the viewports.

The original Nova Room on Midway Station was owned and operated by Mr. Bozar, the massive Bolian, who ran the place. Bozar was known for leaping over the bar and pummeling combatants into submission - if not unconsciousness - with his fists or the long metal pipe he kept beneath the bar for security. Bozar disappeared from Midway as of stardate 238205.16. At that point, the station's criminal leader Nohgra and his mercenaries took over. The guards often hid in the darkened corners to keep an eye on patrons, listened in on their conversations and maintained order and peace, in their own violent way. Visitors to the Nova Room also had be wary what they discussed. While the music was sometimes loud, the specially designed electronic eavesdropping devices installed by Nohgra's assistant Haran clearly picked up and recorded any conversation centering around a table, booth, or place at the bar. Nobody was certain exactly where these devices were concealed, but they existed.

Once the Federation and Starfleet began a more regular run between Federation space and DS26 through the Jenatris Corridor, Midway Station was cleaned out. Nohgra and his men disappeared, and the station was shut down and abandoned. Bozar reappeared in 2389, and reopened the new Nova Room on DS26. The layout, decor and ambiance are the same as the original, but the present of Starfleet security on the station has curtailed Bozar's ability to keep his establishment under control his way.