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  • Name: Flash Nova (Host Family Name: Skylis)
  • Age: 22
  • Birth Date: May 26, 2318 (Stardate 231805.26)
  • Gender: MaleSpecies: Trill
  • Birthplace: Trill
  • Description: Flash has dark brown hair. Blue eyes.
  • Build: Light- Athletic
  • Hobbies/Interest: Sports, animals, music,
  • Common Traits: Often speaks of past hosts, often jokes at odd times


  • Spouse: None (Single)
  • Children: None
  • Parents: Mother- Rose, Father- Erik,
  • Siblings: Brother- Talin (17), Sister- Emily (14)

Personal History

Flash Nova was born on trill. His family was moved to Earth shortly after he become one year of age, and he spent most of his life on Earth. Flash's father was, and still is, a federation ambassader, and therefore he spent alot of time in starship's, developing an early liking to Starfleet. Around Flash's 14th birthday, he received the Nova symbiont. This symbiont helped him to enter Starfleet- in both more interest to join and skills to use. At the age of 18, he finally entered the Acadamy and majored in Counselling. After graduation of the academy, Flash was assigned to the U.S.S.Ranger-A as Counselor, where he was later promoted to Lt. j.g.. Flash's main interests are in animals and 21st century music. His favourite sport is the old Earth game of Soccer- he has never played the popular Parisses Squares. Flash usually takes situations with an optimistic view- enjoying to joke off things to cheer people up. (Cheering people up is part of his job ;) )

Symbiont History: Flash is the 7th host for the Nova Symbiont. Here is a rundown of thehosts.

  • Emily- Freelance space explorer. Female.Ken- Negotiator. Male
  • Jason- Architect/Writer. Male
  • Kelly- Symbiosis Committee member.Female.
  • Jennifer- Adventurer/partier, etc. Female.
  • Kristy- Starfleet officer . Female
  • Flash- Starfleet officer. Male. Look above :)