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Co-Commanding Officer
Creshan'na Riyas - Deep Space 10


Noraht is the Cardassian co-commanding officer of Creshan'na Riyas (also known as Deep Space 10), the ancient alien station in the Menthar Corridor which began operating under a joint agreement with the Federation and the Cardassian Union in mid-2391.


An ambitious, young soldier of the Cardassian Guard, Noraht originally served as first officer with the rank of glinn under Gul Tolas Dajhul. After Dajhul was killed on SD 239110.26 by Nikael Kalre, leader of the Maquis Reborn, Legate Demoric promoted Noraht to gul and gave him command of the Cardassian detachment to the station. The legate also tasked the new gul with the job of kicking Ketanya, Dajhul's widow, off the station, but the formidable woman had other plans.

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Additional Information

Noraht is a PNPC written for by the writer for R. Rahman.