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Imperial Grand Governor Dunell Niona sits in Oscion as the highest-ranking Imperial official of the Par'tha Expanse, and one of the few Imperials in the sector with the patronage back on Valcaria to go head-to-head with the best-connected house nobles. But, perhaps because he is already thinking of retirement, he rarely exercises these rights, preferring to let the houses squabble as they've done for centuries. He prefers to push scandocs in his office or attend the latest celebration. His true joy is visiting the vaction world of Yrocyn to absorb the local sports scene or unwind from the responsibilities of his position.

The house leaders see Niona as an inconvenient obstacle, but a harmless one if handled properly. They might have cause to revise their opinions should unrest come to the Par'tha Expanse - Niona's carefully-concealed cowardice may well drive him to commit unreasoning and tyrannical acts unforeseen by his watchers.


  • Full Name: Dunell Niona
  • Current Occupation: Imperial Grand Governor
  • Current Rank: Imperial Grand Governor
  • Race: Valcarian
  • Date of Birth: 2326
  • Place of Birth: Valcaria
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: none


  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Weight: 76 kg
  • Hair Color: Black - greying
  • Eye Color: Brown


Imperial Grand Governor Dunell Niona served a long and distinguished career in the Imperial juggernaut. He has served as an Imperial governor on five different core worlds, and excelled at each post. Recently, he agreed to take the helm of the Par'tha Expanse, and keep a fatherly eye on the distant cousin of the Core.

To his peers and subordinates, Niona is an able and inspiring leader. In reality, his career and winning personality are largely a sham. The man has a remarkable gift for surrounding himself with competent advisors and subtly delegating responsibility downward while leaving himself open to claim the credit for successful actions and programs. Though an able leader, he is an abject coward (when faced with the threat of actual violence - he is fearless in a rhetorical fight), prone to strike out blindly at perceived threats before thinking - or consulting with his advisors.

Niona's career has thrived largely because his duties have not placed him in a situation where his flaws can be exposed. His posts have been in tame, placid sectors where the Imperial ideal is celebrated. There his networking and hearty manner have won him promotions other grand governors have had to win through taming hostile populaces.

Niona's final reward before retirement is his appointment to govern the Par'tha Expanse as grand governor. It is supposed to be his crowning triumph; the final duty in a brilliant career. That scenario only plays out if the sector remains peaceful, however. If there is civil disruption, war, outbreaks of anti-Imperial unrest, or rioting in the alien quarters, it is likely to be an utter disaster, as a panicked Niona throws everything in his arsenal at quelling the problem before it can threaten him personally. Should anti-Imperialists ever find out what sort of man the grand governor is, his tenure is doomed, since they will likely exploit this weakness to the hilt. Should the Emperor learn the true extent of his flaws, Niona is a dead man.

Niona has a depressing, pessimistic outlook. Even when the situation looks good, he acts like it is grim. He is in his late 50's and his hair and beard betray this fact with a shading of gray. His hobby is archaic pistols and he enjoys collecting and repairing them. His palace contains an entire wing dedicated to his collection of over two thousand pieces.