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USS Garuda
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Ensign Nienne Kenoi, M.D.

"We are Starfleet officers. Weird is just part of the job."
—Captain Katherine Janeway, USS Voyager

DOB: 2357
Species: Rodulan
Current Rank: Ensign
Position: Medical Officer
Assignment: USS Garuda

Dr. Nienne Kenoi is a Rodulan female assigned to the USS Garuda as a medical officer. She is a board-certified Trauma Surgeon and Pathologist (including Forensic Pathology) with expertise in Exobiology and Exoarcheology.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name: Nienne Kenoi
  • Species: Rodulan
  • Age: 38
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T6 (when trying to read her - T-1) (See Telepathic/Empathic Scale)
  • IQ: 142 / Eidetic Memory

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 239103.15 - present USS Garuda
Medical Officer


  • Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
  • Hair: Very dark blue (Appears black except in direct sunlight)
  • Eyes: Black (no iris/sclera)

Personality and History


Nienne is both creative and altruistic.

Personality Quirks

  • Doesn't like others to see her cry; growing up in a busy household with frequent overnight guests, Nienne did her crying alone in the shower, a practice she continues to this very day.
  • Whenever possible, prefers to cook for herself and has the replicator set in her quarters to only provide ingredients, not meals.
  • Prefers to have serious conversations, the kind that others don't want to hear, outside of the house - busy restaurants, on the beach, whatever seems right at the time.
  • Is very sensual - scent, touch, taste especially are very important to the experience for her -- and is a closet romantic

Skills (Other than Professional)

  • Knows something about clowning (learned while at the Dohrein Medical School)
  • Good dancer (not professional - just likes to dance)

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Intelligent with a fully-integrated eidetic memory
  • Open-minded, tends toward out-of-the-box thinking
  • Altruistic - will always put the needs of others above her own
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Good sense of humor


  • Haunted by nightmares stemming from a failed rescue attempt in the aftermath of an earthquake while she was a resident at the Dohrein Medical Center
  • Has always been afraid of the dark
  • Slightly claustrophobic mostly manifests when she's trapped
  • Forgets to take care of herself when she's working on a problem or involved in a difficult case

Likes and Dislikes


  • Acting - Once spent four weeks as part of a 'living art' display in Seinahn. The display, Moments, was conceived by Kevys. She was one of four principle actors and for the duration of the exhibit, she lived in the display.
  • Art - Does pen/ink sketches about whatever is happening around her, carries a rather large collection of filled books with her. Is a basotile artist though she does not put herself in the same class as her father, Fenor.
  • Loves long walks in the woods
  • Loves live theater and concerts, watching movies, and holonovels (especially detective stories)
  • Animals - would love to learn how to ride horses (she's seen pictures but hasn't seen a horse up close)


  • Brussel sprouts
  • The sound of fingernails scraping across certain surfaces (like metal or an old-fashioned chalk board)
  • The sound of someone putting a sharp crease in a piece of paper
  • Slasher/horror flicks (has been known to give her nightmares)
  • Sonic showers (longs for the day she'll be able to have a shower with actual water!)


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents: Fenor and Meiyan Kenoi
    • Siblings: Brothers - Rydan, Jahnavi, Maarkan, and Andrys
    • Grandfather (Paternal): Jasrei Kenoi
Personal History
  • 235305.02 Born to Fenor and Meiyan Kenoi, artists, in Seinahn, an artist colony located on Eh'naan, an island in the Attraxan islands, Rodul.
  • 237109.01 Entered Arvays University with a twin major in exobiology and exoarcheology.
  • 237509.01 Entered the Dohrein Medical School, located on Eh'naan, in the Attraxan island chain on Rodul. Dohrein is generally considered to be one of the finest medical schools on Rodul. Along with traditional medicine, Dohrein also explores alternative healing techniques. The school's founder, Entarel Dohrein, a formidable physician in his own right, traveled extensively and incorporated healing techniques from many worlds into the curriculum including the holistic approach championed by Patch Adams (see [1].
  • 237906.01 Graduated medical school and was accepted for medical residency at Dohrein Medical Center.
  • 238009.01 Began medical residency at a respected hospital in the capital city. At the beginning of her residency, she was included on emergency response team after a massive earthquake leveled most of a city on a neighboring island. She worked tirelessly for days with the other rescue workers to help find and triage people trapped in the wreckage. She did as she was trained. Tuck everything personal behind a wall and do what was needed. Until she held a young girl's hand in the last moment's of her life; later, while showering, she watched the blood and grime swirl away down the drain and that was when it all caught up to her. She cried, as she had never cried before until the the hot water was all but gone.
  • 238290.10 Finished medical residency.
  • 238303.05 Traveled to Vulcan to study telepathic/mental disciplines under the guidance of a former patient, Saren, in preparation for Starfleet Academy. Saren, who lived in Vulcana Regar, taught Nienne how to manage her telepathy. Under his guidance, she learned meditation, how to build and maintain shields, and how to communicate telepathically without causing harm to the recipient.
  • 238509.02 Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Bay area, Earth
  • 239101.05 Graduated Starfleet Academy and traveled home to Rodul to spend a short while with her family

Seinahn Artists' Colony

Fenor Kenoi is the founder of the Seinahn Artists' Colony on Eh'naan and it was there, in the early days of managing the colony, that he met his life's mate, Meiyan. Fenor, an exceptional Basotile artist, believed in the purity of the art form and provided classes in technique to anyone who wanted to learn. Meiyan, on the other hand, wanted to explore a wide variety of art forms. As their relationship grew so did the idea that the colony could support both artistic visions. Starting from land that had been in Fenor's family for generations, the artists' colony provided a learning center and retreat for artists that needed time away from the workday world to focus on their art. The founding principles of the colony dictated that no artist would ever be turned away and that everyone contribute to the well-being of the community by sharing chores as needed. The original colony offered one room cabins with adjoining studios as well as a large community center in a rural environment.

Over time, ancillary services appeared, shopkeepers, restaurants, small inns, and the like, eventually achieving the status of town. Seinahn has over 60,000 residents. The shopping areas are filled with one of a kind boutiques, restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines, and a number of small inns, catering to artists and art-lovers alike.

Growing up in Seinahn

Nienne grew up part of a large family; from a very early age what she wanted most was to explore the stars, a profession that was largely frowned upon even in the free-thinking artistic community of Seinahn. Fenor and Meiyan were loving and attentive parents who made sure that their children were steeped in family tradition as well as introduced to art and music at a young age. The children were encouraged to think of the walls of their bedrooms as canvasses to be used to express their creativity and individuality. There were always guests at the table with lively discussions and impromptu concerts being more the norm than an unusual occurrence. Members of the colony would orchestrate showings of new works and there were regular performances by the local theater and dance troupes. Nienne's childhood was one of wonder and imagination. Traditional artists lived and worked side by side with basotile artists and holo-artists. The studios were generally open to visitors and Nienne had many friends among the colony's residents.

When she was 13, Nienne developed an interest in holonovels and apprenticed herself to Kevys, a holoartist who said that his was the only art there was that a person could walk through. Nienne loved the worlds that Kevys created and felt like an explorer whenever she had the chance to help test and debug Kevys' latest creation. She is something of a collector -- as a result, the walls of her bedroom became a collage, done with layers of lacquer as a sealant, that used souvenirs from the people she had known and the things she had done to form scenes from a world that existed only in her imagination.

When Kevys became ill, Nienne came up against an unwelcome reality. Good times end and sometimes, people that you love can be taken from you. She began reading medical journals, trying to wage war against the illness that was killing her friend, Kevys, but there was no answer to be found. It was a hard realization to accept. One that Nienne fought against but in the end, she could only stand by and watch her friend die by inches. On the day that his ashes were spread over the water in the cove he favored, Nienne knew that her childhood had come to an end. She understood the fragility of life in a way that her friends did not and the experience set her on the path toward becoming a doctor.

She went to Arvays University, where she held a twin major in exobiology and exoarcheology, and received her degree four years later. When it was clear that she was serious about a career in medicine, she was encouraged to attend the Dohrein Medical School in nearby Eh'naan. Classes were difficult but Nienne found that she thrived on the challenge. She would come home, filled with stories about her time at school, only to find that her family, artists one all, had trouble relating to this new side of her. In some respects, abandoning her art to pursue scientific and medical interests was something none of them could understand let alone accept. Her one ally was her grandfather, Jasrei, who had something of an analytical mind himself. His wisdom and insight helped to heal the rift and restored familial harmony.

After medical school, she completed her residency at the Dohrein Medical Center. In the early days of her residency, an earthquake on a nearby island had flattened most of a city. Sensor probes and teleporters saved many lives in those difficult and terrifying days. In the older section of the city, it was discovered that the construction materials commonly employed prevented reliable sensor readings and made teleport impossible. Kenoi was one of the volunteers who went into the wreckage and helped to locate victims, often providing medical care until the victim could be taken to safety. As they neared the point where rescue would most likely become retrieval, everyone worked frantically, Nienne among them. When an elderly victim, long-time resident of the area, remembered an illegal orphanage, run by a pair of human social workers, rescue efforts focused on that location. Nienne was the one who found the children, trapped under the debris of three upper floors, and it was Nienne who offered comfort to those who were beyond medical aid, stayed with them in their last moments. The memories of that time have stayed with her, haunted her dreams even to this day.

With her residency finished, she achieved certifications as a trauma surgeon and a pathologist. After 11 years of study and training, she had achieved her goal. She was a doctor and life threatened to settle into a predictable rhythm. That should have been the end of it. Life defined. However, her early interest in exploration returned with a vengeance and she knew that she still wanted to explore the stars. More than that, she knew that she had to leave Rodul and the memories of the earthquake behind at least for awhile.

She talked to her friends, made her plans, and did something completely unheard of among her people. She left Rodul for Vulcana Regar on Vulcan where she spent two years studying telepathic and mental disciplines with a friend and former patient, Saren. Under the guidance of the elderly Vulcan, she learned meditation, how to build and maintain shields, and how to communicate telepathically without causing harm to the recipient.

While there, she did some research and settled on Starfleet Academy as her next logical step on the path to her childhood dream. It wasn't until her application was accepted and her departure date set that she started telling people back home. Then, after many discussions and more than a few arguments with family and well-meaning friends, Kenoi traveled to Earth for her first real exposure to non-telepaths. While at the Academy, along with her medical studies, she minored in Xenobiology and Forensic Pathology and took the command course.

Starfleet Academy

  • 238509.02 Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Bay area, Earth
  • 239101.05 Graduated Starfleet Academy and traveled home to Rodul to spend a short while with her family

Medical Records

  • Nienne has a four-lobed brain that is similar to the Ferengi, from a physiological standpoint, but differs in that it is significantly more compact, without enlargement of the cranium.
  • Nienne comes from a long-lived species that is similar to the Romulans in that they (the Rodulans) retain a youthful appearance for 300 years and then begin to age normally for 50-70 years.
  • Nienne's eyes are a uniform black in color (pupil, iris, and sclera); aside from that, there is no other distinctive characteristics (eyesight is good [20/20] but well within Terran/Human norms).

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