Nieda Zivon

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Denali Station
Nieda Zivon
Position Scientist
Rank Civilian
Species El-Aurian
Gender Trans woman
DOB 233204.16
Age 69
Writer ID J239802D12

Nieda Zivon is currently working as a civilian scientist who specializes in Xenology, Urban Studies, and Zoology on Denali Station


  • Name: Nieda Zivon
  • Age: 67
  • DOB: 233204.16
  • Race: El-Aurian
  • Gender: Trans woman


  • Height: 5'7 (1.73m)
  • Weight: 133lbs (60kg)
  • Hair: Reddish blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Fairly average, bordering on fit.
  • Uniform (on duty): She wears professional clothing, or the average civilian uniform in grey sometimes.
  • Taste in clothing (off duty): She likes to have fun with her style and changes it up frequently.
  • Voice: Slightly on the lower end of the alto vocal range. Easy going. Calming.

Personality and Background

Nieda is a very friendly woman. Inquisitive, and curious as any good scientist should be. Her specialties lie in Xenology, Urban Studies, Zoology, with a minor in Evolution. Prior to her arrival at Denali Station, she was someone who helped research and learn about planets whose people and/or societies collapsed and left only remnants for people like her to find later. She's moved around a few times in her 13 years doing this and felt her specialties were uniquely suited to learning more about Ring 42, and the City in general.

She did consider joining Starfleet, but found that in this early point in her long life, it wasn't necessary for her to succeed so for now she's a Civilian. This could change in future decades, but she's content to have a little more freedom in that way. She works excellently with Starfleeters, though.

Personality wise she's someone you can count on to speak her thoughts in professional, but clear ways when possible. As with most El-Aurians, she's an excellent listener. To the point that sometimes she will talk people into saying more than they probably meant to. She enjoys this. She is fairly quiet, but she does have a sense of humor that comes out at times. And it can be a little bit mischievous on the low-key.