Niño Brocales

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Niño Brocales is currently assigned to the USS Darwin-A as Press Observer and Federation News Service (FNS) correspondent.

Basic Stats

  • Height: 5'10
  • Build: Athletic/lean
  • Look: Filipino Background with a clean cut, stylish youthful style.


Niño is narcissistic, sweet, and friendly. He is struggling in trying to find himself within his new found independence. Although working for legitimate and serious news service, it is clear to most people around him that he would be best suited writing for a gossip rag.


A Human male who recently finished his education in Communications and Journalism. Niño was good student with average grades, however he scored the dream job of being a press observer aboard a Federation starship because his uncle is high ranking Starfleet Officer.

He is almost comedically oblivious to what is going on the ship around him and seems far more interested in ship gossip and being accepted by the Darwin's officers than groundbreaking investigative journalism. However, when the Darwin does want a story or message to be broadcast on the FNS they can count on Niño to get the message out.