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Facilitator: FltAdml. Wolf

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Need some inspiration for writing an article for the team? Here are some posting ideas!

Feature articles

Items in this section should be written from either an OOC point-of-view.

  • Star Trek and ...: An OOC op/ed regarding Star Trek and a particular issue. One example might be an overview of plots in Star Trek involve racism, or how inter-species war in Star Trek reflects our current state of the world.
  • Treknology: An OOC review of how a particular piece of Star Trek technology works.
  • Ship Closeups: a review of one of the ships in our fleet, including the hardware and crew.
  • Species Closeups: an in-depth review of species in the ILI.
  • Command Closeups: an interview and history of one of our command members.
  • Task-force Closeups: an interview, history, and current events of a particularly active team or guild.
  • Lower Decks: Non-command officers will appreciate the attention of being in the spotlight! Pick anyone in the fleet who isn't an FO or CO, and do an interview with them (IC or OOC, or both!).

Fleet Changes

Items in this section can be written from an IC, or OOC point-of-view.

  • Ship Commissioning or Decommissioning: Whenever a CO moves ships, is promoted to Captain and starts a new vessel, or a ship is decommissioned, it should be noted.
  • EC Changes: When a member leaves the EC, or is promoted to the EC.
  • Starts or Closes: If a team or guild is created or closed, further information should be provided.
  • Award recipients: recipients of awards from the yearly ceremonies should always be featured on the site.


  • Notable forum threads: Interesting threads on the forum are good to highlight, to drive more traffic there.
  • Poll of the Week: Each time a new poll is started, a link should be posted.
  • Forum Tip of the Week: Explain little-known feature of the forum to help make the forums more usable by members.

Real world events

Items in this section should be written from the OOC point-of-view.

  • Trek News: For the biggest news in Star Trek (new movie or show premiers, etc.) we can put out an article to let community members know
  • Reviews: New Trek media (books, movies, games) come out almost every month. A review can help our members decide if it's worth paying attention to.

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