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This is among the newest establishment on Starbase 118. The Neutral Zone is run by Tak Rewnar, a male Rutian (36). The "Neutral Zone" is rather "unique" because he has no openly visible seating. Instead, they have a series of "private dining areas." These can seat 2 in a spacious and beautifully decorated "private dining room" or they can seat a group of 40 in the largest of their "conference rooms." All rooms are capable of seating more, but the owner does not want anyone feeling cramped or closed in. For groups larger than 40 - the owner simply contracts for the use of one of the stations LARGE reception halls. The Neutral Zone is said to be completely legal, but just barely. Security hates the fact that no one knows what happens behind those doors. They could be beating the pulp out of each other - that is fine with the owner, since they charge double the day rent on the room for clean up and re-furnishing. It is widely held that some of the deals brokered behind closed doors are anything but legal. Some whisper that Tak Rewnar is a member or at least a supporter of "Ansata."

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