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Gorn Hegemony
Ndrassa img.jpg
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DS9style-blank silver.png
Position Dependent
Rank Civilian
Species Gorn
Gender Female
DOB 237805.23
Age 22
Birthplace Imperial Palace, Ss'Varnon
Writer ID V238008N10

Ndrassa is currently resides at the Imperial Palace on Ss'Varnon, the Gorn homeworld.


  • Height: 5'2"
  • Eyes: silver
  • Build: thin



Ndrassa was hatched in the incubators of the Imperial Palace in 2378 and was raised by her mother until the age of fourteen. She has trained the arts of being a princess and to one day take over the throne. This did not happen due to the overthrowing of the Gorn Confederation in 2383.

From 2383 to 2394, she lived on Narvistos at a monastery of the Dragon priests until the Black Claw discovered her location. Deciding to let her know who her true father was, they fled to the Federation to meet with Captain Nugra.

Nugra took over her guardianship until the new chancellor took over the hegemony, restored Nugra and Ndrassa's citizenship and invited her home. She is presently living at her father's estate on Tau Lacerte III.

In 2398, Ndrassa became the Minister of Security to the Chancellor of the Gorn Hegemony.