Nature's Whims (Astraeus)

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The Par'tha Expanse Saga
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2399 Nature's Whims
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239910.04 - 239911.27


With very little time to intervene, the crew of the Chin'toka is notified of a high-mass neutron star approaching the highly inhabited system of Lanaxa. The Chin'toka is crippled in the ensuing successful attempt at diverting the star's path, and at the mission's conclusion, the crew of the Chin'toka are reassigned back to the Astraeus, now tasked with the protection of the Shemsh Federation colony and the exploration of the Par'tha Expanse.




Lanaxa is the capital of House Lanaxa, one of the numerous Caraadian Houses in the Par'tha Expanse. As with other houses, the population is separated into the upper class (nobles) and the lower class (Seirbhiseach). The planet's diverse economy has been a stabilizing force with enough agricultural products being produced that the population has no issues sustaining itself and then some. Excess product is exported to Par'tha sector markets for a mild profit. The planet relies heavily on its lower-class population to work the fertile valleys and plains to keep the economy strong.


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Map of the Lanaxa Province

Act One


After six days on Shemsh to relax and unwind, the call comes in from the Administration Center in orbit and Captain Mei'konda beams down to meet with Commander Th'qosral. Lanaxa is in trouble. Mei'konda returns to the Astraeus to brief the crew. With millions of lives at risk, they don't have time to waste. During the briefing, they brainstorm solutions.

Our communications are routed to the Head of the Lanaxan Science Bureau, Doctor Mabian Uzoncourt, who worriedly relays what they know and invites a Chin’toka contingent down to the planet to discuss the situation. Mei selects teams, orders the Chin’toka to move to study the phenomenon from a safe distance for the time being, and takes a shuttle down to Lanaxa so that the Chin’toka won’t have to stop their studies to pick the team up later. The neutron star is currently four days away from any meaningful gravitational interaction with the star system.

Act Two


The landing team returns to the Chin’toka via their shuttle, which will likely mean the Chin’toka has to pull back from where it has been studying the neutron star to an area with slightly less radiation as the shuttle would be unable to stand up to it as well.

There’s a brief meeting between members of the two teams to discuss what they learned, and to form a plan of action. The ultimate goal here is to divert the course of the neutron star just enough that its gravity has a negligible effect on the Lanaxa system.

The ship moves in closer, and begins to cycle through the usual solutions, though Mei at least is not optimistic that they will work. Tractor beams won’t be even close enough to being powerful enough to move something of this mass, and the Chin’toka’s deflector dish will not prove versatile enough to do much of the craziness that we occasionally saw the Enterprise D do on TNG.

During one of these attempts, the Chin’toka takes the first hit when one of the exotic objects orbiting the neutron star draws too close / flares up in some way, and hits the ship with an extremely powerful burst of energy. We have to pull back to repair. By now, at least a day or two should have elapsed, leaving us only a couple of days at most to solve the problem.

Act Three



Captain Mei'konda Delano: The Worst Kind of Emergency (Pt. 1)
Captain Mei'konda Delano: The Worst Kind of Emergency (Pt. 2)


Crew of USS Astraeus Enjoys A Period of Relaxation and Prepares For the Turn of the Century



Mission Specialist After Action Report (Chochmingwu Cheveyo-Arma)

REV SD 240106.07