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Projects currently going



  • Project Name Shangri-la
  • Registration Date: S.D. 239308.13
  • Assigned Science Officer: Ensign Nak'aqi Socxo
  • Target Purpose/Problem/Question : How does edible vegetation, created from Aeroponics bay, effect the crew in both health, behavior and environment


  • Background Information:In this project the goal is to see how one certain change can impact the crew. While on the USS Voyager it was a requirement and absolute to create this much needed project. On a certain point of the journey for the Voyager crew they faced the problem of fresh products. Clever enough they redesigned one of their cargo bays into Aeroponics bay and taken care by the civilian Kes. The goal of this bay was to provide edible vegetation that might alleviate the drain on energy resources caused by the replicating food. While studies have shown that the change did reserve the impact on energy for the Voyager crew, it was not really clear on the results of how it impacted the crew.
  • Procedure: Use the Aeroponics bay for the construction/growth of the plants. Work with Medical and Counseling departments to evaluate the effects on the crew.


  • Phase One: Create the Airponics Bay and start growing the plants
    • Keep the plants in check for their growing progress
    • Observe the reactions of the crew
  • Phase Two: Integrated the new vegetation towards the kitchen
    • Observe the reactions of the crew in regards of their taste of the food and plausible change in behavior
    • Investigate alien plants on poison factors, food factors and usage.
    • Investigate the bacteria that comes of certain plants separately
  • Phase Three: Conclude the findings towards the Science Division
    • Give information about social interaction between crew
    • Give information about urban changes towards the surrounding of the ships effect before, during and after the project.
    • Receive feedback on the health condition of the crew effected by the vegetation
    • Give information on poison plants, the plausible cure on them or how to proceed.
  • Analysis: In Process
  • Conclusion/Discussion/Summary: No conclusion so far


  • SD 239308.13: Resuming Kes work, recreating Aeroponic Bay 1 as plant resource/growth stage
  • SD 239308.20: Engineering Department under guidance of Ensign Socxo has successfully recreated the bay and plants have been seeded into the ground.


  • Science Officer: Ensign Nak'aqi Socxo
  • Science Assessment: S.D. 239308.13
  • Science Project Condition: Good
  • Notes: The project has began, I am interested in how this project will commence and how this will effect the crew on a later stadium. The effects won't be seeable right away, but interest in the project has been shown by the crew (239308.17)

Projects Finished or Aborted