N'Ventnar, aka Bared Fang is a splinter faction composed of Romulans who have broken off from the Romulan Star Empire. While the group is not governed by a central philosophy, certain hallmarks of their independentally-operating cells include mention of Romulan supremacy and a desire to return the Romulan Empire to its former glory.

The group operates under the same name as an ancient order once thought disbanded, although it remains unclear whether this is in fact the same group or merely one that has co-opted the name. They operate under a strict set of clandestine rules, and their involvement in the Par'tha Expanse was discovered only recently.

While their allegiances and motives in the region are unclear, but there is circumstantial evidence suggesting links with the Consortium and/or the Orion Syndicate. Nothing has been conclusively proven and it is unclear whether these apparent alliances were brokered only temporarily as a means to an end. Reports suggest that n'Ventnar funds its operations through contract killing and information brokering via infiltration services. Many of the members are known to highly excel in martial arts and other combat disciplines.

The group bears a distinctive symbol, wore as a small pin. It is rumored that other races who live to see the symbol in the flesh never get the chance to speak of the occasion.

An ongoing investigation has identified Lt. Cmdr Serala of the USS Atlantis as a possible co-conspirator or sympathizer with the group.