Murder Most Foul (Apollo-A)

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Odyssey l.png   USS Apollo-A Mission History   Odyssey r.png
2396 Murder Most Foul · Subspace Shanghai
2395 Project Full Circle
2393 Awake
2392 A Series of Unusual Events · Backlash · Prison Break
2391 Pertainia Prime
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Murder Most Foul

Apollo-A News Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Murder Threatens to Throw Diplomatic Talks into Chaos

The USS Apollo-A is called to New Talax to help mediate between the Talaxians and the Numiri as the two species begin tentative talks with a view to establishing a trade agreement. However, before the Apollo can even arrive, the talks are thrown into turmoil when the lead Numiri diplomat - Garan Graq - is found dead in his hotel room. Despite the cause of death remaining a mystery, suspicion turns to various factions who all had reason to want the talks to fail: a dissident Talaxian faction - distrustful of the erstwhile aggressive Numiri, possible diplomatic rivals and even the Numiri government themselves looking for an excuse to take New Talax by force are all called into question. With the Apollo still a few hours away, Commander Andastre Ruane calls all senior staff to a briefing to explain that the Apollo's mission has changed from being of a diplomatic nature, to being independent investigators in a murder mystery.

Upon arriving at the Hotel Yunamax - scene of the unfortunate diplomat's demise - the Apollo crew split up in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the mystery. While Cmdr. Ruane takes a team to assess the condition of the body and determine the cause of death, First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug's group are tasked with interrogating suspects and interviewing witnesses, while yet another team - led by Chief of Security Lieutenant Khatri Darshana head off to view the hotel's security footage and attempt to reconstruct Graq's final hours.

Mission Incomplete: Un-simmed Conclusion

Despite the Apollo crew successfully identifying the (unnamed) murderer, both the Talaxians and the Numiri find the way in which the investigation was carried out to be unsatisfactory. Although both species are merely trying to save face and neither wants to take the blame, Starfleet decides the best course of action is for the Apollo crew to do so instead, in order to maintain the unstable peace in the region. The USS Apollo-A is therefore recalled from the Delta Quadrant and ordered to report to Starbase 118 where her crew - victims of bureaucracy - are transferred to various vessels as well as the Starbase itself, while Rear Admiral Renos and Commandet Andastre Ruane head to Starfleet Command to give their report on the situation. It is as yet unclear as to whether or not the Apollo will be allowed to return and complete its mission in the Delta Quadrant.

Murder Most Foul Notable Characters

Murder Most Foul Notable Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio Link
Darna Tersk Numiri Unknown Conrad Adler
Nerex Talaxian Unknown Malko
Flixic Talaxian Manager - Hotel Yunamax Renos
Pallix Talaxian Employee - Hotel Yunamax Conrad Adler

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position
Renos Regional Commander
Andastre Ruane Commanding Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug First Officer
Darian Vol Helm/Com/Ops
Wiar Sh'zatrahr Engineering Officer
Khatri Darshana Chief Of Security
Daniel Cain Armed Protection Department Head/Security Officer
Wallace Williams Security Officer
Conrad Adler Tactical Officer
Davine D'fini Chief Science Officer
Bran Maro Science Officer
Dar Toral Science Officer
Sakira P'au Medical Officer
Malko Counselor

Player Mission Quotes

Commander Ruane’s first day as commanding officer of the USS Apollo had been uneventful until now. They hadn’t even arrived at New Talax and there had been a major incident. The talks weren’t even due to start until tomorrow - all that was planned for today was a welcoming ceremony in the evening. After exchanges with both Talaxian and Numiri representatives, who had arrived at New Talax earlier than scheduled, Andastre began to wonder if she would rue the day she agreed to take command of the Apollo. Immediately the senior staff had been called to a briefing.

They had beamed down to the hotel were the diplomats were staying. Davine had a tricorder and the phaser. She carried the PADD with the hotel plans. She felt that she was certainly carrying a lot, but hotel was some what over the top in colors. It almost hurt her eyes the explosion of colors and odd shapes for the background on the walls. However the stair case was certainly something to marvel. There was even a musician playing something on a instrument. The music was alright, it was calming she guessed to someone. However, it was all just a little over board.