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This place is a very dark hang out. It is not up on the promenade, but down in the bowels of Starbase 118 that everyone calls the "Dungeon," specifically on Deck 1068. The owner is a very dark, mysterious character named Michael Mundok, the Omegan. Coming from the Omega IV, he is "much older" than he appears, and he appears to be in his early 40's. The inhabitants of Omega IV often live to be 500 -900 years old. Little is known of Michael Mundok and he likes that way. Mundok's is not a place for the "faint at heart." The men (and a few really brave women) who go to Mundok's don't come expecting linen table clothes or candles. The liquor is the best from all over the quadrant and as long as your credits are good, the bartender has almost no recollection of who is in his bar or who they were talking to. There has only been one fight in the bar since it opened - both combatants ended up dead. The bartender (and everyone in the bar) swore affidavits that they two men killed each other. The rumor is that the bartender snapped both of their necks. So the place is "quiet" in the sense that they never call Security - but that does not mean Security does not keep an eye on Mundok's.

There actually was another brawl that took place at Mundok's between Lieutenant Alexander and Lieutenant Zubowskivich both of the USS Columbia. Fortunately for the two officers, security had tightened their grip on Mundok's and were able to arrest them before Mundok could do anything drastic.

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