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Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The Morovin-class Destroyer is a warship designed for planetary defense, planetary assault, ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. It was used by the Valcarian Republic during the Vodran War and later by the Valcarian Imperial Republic.

General characteristics

Morovin-class Destroyers are 900 meters long, making them some of the largest capital ships capable of atmospheric operations. A single Morovin-class Destroyer requires 4,798 crew members and 402 gunners for optimal operation and can transport up to 2,040 troops, 8,100 metric tons of cargo, several ground vehicles like the MT-APC, and two squadrons of starfighters.

Despite being several decades old, the shields and hull armor of Morovin-class ships were still quite heavy compared to the other vessels used during the Vodran War. They were equipped with 10 quad turbolaser batteries, 40 double turbolaser batteries, 80 concussion missiles, and 10 tractor beam projectors.


Designed and produced by Acima StarDrive, the Morovin-class was a direct challenge to Pranthe Drive Yards' proposed Slasri-class Destroyer. The design-project eventually became a collaboration between the two rival shipbuilders, resulting in the Morovin series.

The design came about when the Valcarian Republic's military saw a need for heavier starships, as fighting intensified during the Vodran War. Despite this, the majority of the initial commission group was not deployed until Altharra had already dissolved the Republic Directorate and established his Imperial rule. Shortly after the advent of the Empire, the Morovin II-class Destroyer was produced. However, this variant was incapable of entering planetary atmospheres.

Within the Imperial Navy, Morovin-class Destroyers are considered second only to Altharra-class Destroyers for most operations in the Outlying Territories, as fighting pirates and rebels usually do not require the use of larger ships. Heavy squadrons often feature Morovin-class Destroyers; at the systems force level and above, they support Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Dreadnoughts in major assaults. The abundant number of Altharra-class Destroyers, and the growing popularity of the Altharra-series amongst the Imperial fleet, is leading to many Morovin-class Destroyers being decommissioned or sold to groups like the Corporate Sector Association, which has purchased 250. Most of the Morovin-series Destroyers still in Imperial service are often assigned to planetary defense roles.

The Morovin-class Destroyer's biggest disadvantage is its ion engines, which can not produce sufficient acceleration to pursue the newer and faster ships, allowing them to escape ship-to-ship combat. This flaw was rectified in the limited Morovin II-class Destroyers.

Production information

  • Manufacturer: Acima StarDrive
  • Product line: Destroyers
  • Model: Morovin-class Destroyer
  • Class: Destroyer

Technical specifications

  • Length: 900 meters
  • Engine unit(s): JH2 ion engines (3)
  • Armament:
    • Quad turbolaser batteries (10)
    • Double turbolaser batteries (40)
    • Assault concussion missile tubes (20)
      • 4 missiles each
    • Tractor beam projectors (10)
  • Complement:
  • Additionally:
    • Landing barges (6)
    • MT-APC walkers (10)
    • MT-AS walkers (15)
  • Crew: 5,200
  • Passengers: 2,040 troops
  • Cargo capacity: 8,100 metric tons


  • Role(s):
    • Battleship (scaled down)
    • Destroyer
    • Heavy frigate