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Mockingbird class

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Starship Classes

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  • Class and Type: Mockingbird-class Scout
  • Commissioning Date: 2290

GIven the increase in both its exploration of the galaxy and the tensions with the Klingons in the late 23rd century, Starfleet Command saw the need for a new scout ship, one that could take advantage of the technologies developed for the Excelsior-class and other such ships, thus improving on the Hermes and Nairobi classes. Following its directives, and after rejecting several competing designs, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau developed the Mockingbird-class Scout.

Small, fast, agile, and equipped with the latest sensor technology, the Mockingbird was designed to perform two roles. First, in peacetime, it could travel far beyond the borders of the Federation to explore new systems and chart new sectors, creating stellar maps for Explorers and Cruisers to follow. Second, in time of war, it could scout enemy positions, conduct reconnaissance, and even act as an escort for capital ships if necessary.

The Mockingbird consists of a saucer similar to that of the Excelsior class, but much smaller and with a more ovate side profile. From the dorsal aft center, just to forward of the impulse engines, projects aft a T-shaped nacelle pylon holding the two warp nacelles. A large, half-sphere structure at the bottom of the saucer holds the navigational deflector; above it is mounted the torpedo launcher. The ship also carries a single Type VIII phaser bank.

Noteworthy Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • USS Mockingbird: prototype;
  • USS Tanager: NCC-4362, first ship to explore and map the Retiklon Cluster (2292);
  • USS Seagull: NCC-4647, discovered five unclaimed, uninhabited Class M planets (2294-99).