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USS Avandar


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Ensign Mnheia, a Romulan, is currently a Security Officer aboard the USS Avandar.


Human Name: Mia McGeller

Romulan Name: Mnheia Thieurrull Khellian

Current Legal Name: Mnheia Thieurrull-Orpheus Khellian (hyphenated Orpheus added to the name to honor her parent's and their place of her discovery)


  • Age: UNKNOWN
  • Height: 1.75 m (5'9")
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Long, pony tail, full bangs
  • Eye Color: Midnight Blue
  • Skin Tone: Alabaster Pale, with blue and green tinting
  • Birthmarks & Scars: None
  • Tattoos: Small archaic tattoo on her right hip of an old sword
  • Build: Athletic, Slender and Busty
  • Taste in off duty clothing: Tends to prefer strong statements that reveal pre-chosen messages
  • Voice: Typically soft and enticing, anger seems to add an edge
  • Handedness: Multi-dexterous


  • Quarters: Mnheia's quarters are very well kept and organized, first impressions indicate someone who is obsessively tidy, second impressions suggest the strict organization carefully secures secrets and safeguards her privacy. Soft music and subdued lighting usually fills the room, creating a network of illuminated and shadowy work and personal spaces.
  • Mannerisms: Reserved passion. Mnheia tends to bottle her feelings up, till they spill forth. Plays her cards very close to her large chest, breasts which she tends to keep bound tight in her uniform till they, spill forth in more casual attire.
  • Temperament: Very competitive, appears confident in most situations, always seeking to control the situation.
  • Habits: Addicted to research, and challenges.

Family & Origins

Mnheia's family relationships have been at best, confusing, at worst, distrustful. As a little girl she was lead to believe she was an extraordinary human, natural daughter of the McGeller family with a younger brother,William Jr. Her father called her Mia. She was given a lot of excuses for her ears and green blood, that only a naive little girl would believe. When the ruse was no longer possible and it was time for her to leave the seclusion of her home and go to school, the McGeller family admitted she was adopted, and claimed her heritage was Vulcan. It was hard to accept that she was adopted, though it did put to rest many confusions. The Vulcan slurs and jokes she endured by her adopted brother and classmates, lead to a fierce defensive reaction, where she defended Vulcan heritage, a defense she later resented taking. As she entered adolescence the Vulcan familiar claim became less and less convincing, largely thanks to her obsession with research, which repeatedly lead her to Romulan history. Finally the truth came out, she was Romulan... Probably. Her father told her everything he knew. Mnheia was born, no discovered, in an abandoned mine in the old Earth Colony Orpheus by Melissa McGeller and her husband William. The McGellers were in the salvage business. She was found by them in a stasis unit. The computer that maintained the unit, once decrypted, revealed a registry for its occupant as one Mnheia Thieurrull Khellian, put in this stasis unit during 2160. Her genetic makeup identified her as a young Romulan girl. Considering her stasis period, this young girl was anything but young. Mnheia was in fact, a Romulan, of unknown age, adopted by her discoverers. Her family life was forever fractured.


  • Mother: Unknown
  • Adopted Mother: Melissa McGeller

A successful businesswoman, Melissa McGeller was the dominant figure in the family. She encouraged her adopted daughter to pursue non-personal research, to discover and report facts that Melissa could then use in dominating the business world. Mnheia was not close to her mother, and found acceptance and approval in her ability to uncover valuable facts. Melissa was firmly against Mnheia's discovering her true identity.


  • Father: Unknown
  • Adopted Father: William McGeller

A simple caring father-figure who gave up his career in athletics and his position as a lady's man to pursue a committed marriage with his childhood sweetheart, Melissa. He used to regail his children with tales of romantic conquests, love, and athletic glory. He encouraged her to explore her feminine side and refine her natural beauty. He used to say she was the most beautiful person he ever met, Mnheia loved that. Mnheia was close to her father before her true Romulan identity was revealed, afterwards, a gap in their relationship began to widen.


  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Adopted Sibling: William McGeller Jr

He was rather ordinary. Extraordinary ordinary! He was not paticularly smart, athletic, or attractive. Average. He seemed to blend in wherever he went. All of which, Mnheia tended to resent. An odd sibling rivalry, not of hate, but a mixed up kind of competition seemed to exist between them, where competition for normalcy was perpetual, and Mnheia often came in second place.


  • None.


Mnheia lives a very complicated life. It was late in her life she discovered her Romulan heritage. For much of her early childhood on earth she believed she was human, when her adopted parents could not conceal the uniqueness of her green blood, she was lead to believe she was of Vulcan heritage. She poured herself into this identity, finding a passion for knowledge and research, but exceedingly frustrated in her abundant emotions, and passion for romantic relationships. It was a bitter-sweet relief to discover her true identity, as Romulan, where emotions and passion were embraced and used, but with that relief came many many more complications, and self awareness confusion. She has become very distrusting of information given her that can not be confirmed in research.

Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Arts, Squash, Fencing, Weaponry, Marksmanship, Swimming, Chess, Reading, Programming, Studying, Holo-Mysteries, Heritage Collection, Romancing, Dancing, and Personal Hygiene.

Likes and Dislikes:

  • Likes:

Kali-fall, Romulan Ale, Dark and White Chocolate, and Trixian Bubble Juice, Roses (with thorns), Felines, Computers, and firearms (especially rifles).

  • Dislikes:

Meats, Onions, and Coffee, Long Term Romances, (fears the uncontrollable unknown risks) and Second Guessing.

Ambitions and Goals:

Mnheia is obsessed with information, and information relating to her mysterious origins. Her primary goal in life is the complete revelation of her own self, and with this accomplishment she hopes to fill the other painful needs info her life and seek meaningful relationships.

Personal History

Mnheia was discovered in stasis, in the appearance of a little Romulan girl on Stardate 235602.7 by her adopted parents on the mining colony of Orpheus. Her true identity was not revealed till her adolescent period on earth. Her tumultuous family life and self awareness lead her to develop many outlets for her frustration, curiosity, and needs to belong. She joined many sports clubs and pursued excellence in athletics, winning many awards in the process, where she discovered the rewards of being a success in the eyes of the public. She joined a number of research organizations where she pursued self awareness through study. She joined in many romantic relationships where she found the joy of being desired, and left many relationships on her terms where she isolated herself from the fear of false hope and rejection.

Sports and Study, and Romance was not enough to fill the widening gap for her need to know who she even was. Research on the Romulans, was difficult. Much of her studies dead-ended with either Starfleet Intel, or the Tal Shiar. Clearly joining the Tal Shiar would be helpful, but not really an option. For obvious reasons Starfleet Intel held severe reservations about accepting her into their association. She was encouraged to join Starfleet first. Her application was accepted. Her field of study, Intelligence, with an emphasis on computers.

In Starfleet Academy, Mnheia was a popular unpopular Cadet. She was the favorite choice to push blame on. She was highly coveted to date, and never had a shortage of suitors... nor a shortage of broken-hearted ex suitors. To outsiders it often appeared she made a sport of competing for breaking hearts. She was a common sports event entry as well, with highly controversial wins. In most competitions, it was clear, winning was not enough, she had to win, breaking records in the process, her methods were disputable. Her test scores were well above average, but rarely celebrated by her peers. She made it a point to study every rule, every regulation, and every legal way to challenge to them. With this information, she rarely sought to "play fair", rather she would work extensively within the loopholes to beat the odds. She idolized Cadet Kirk's Kobyashi Maru scenario and sought to duplicate it in as many ways and as often as possible. Her final exam score is still highly controversial. To her great surprise, and perhaps because of her reputation to teach her a lesson, Mnheia was assigned a security officer role upon graduation from Starfleet Academy, her duties to enforce the rules. Her first ship, the USS Avandar.

Notable Events

  • Mnheia is discovered as a little girl, in an old Romulan stasis unit on the mining colony of Orpheus, by the McGeller family that promptly adopts her.
  • Mnheia discovers her Vulcan blood roots and invests herself heavily into research, joining the Academy of Inter-species Mensa (A.I.M) as a junior associate researcher.
  • Mnheia discovers a more economical gold press method for Latinum, by rewriting the software used in the process. McGeller Inc & Associates, galactic stock doubles in value.
  • Mnheia's romantic life reaches a new level of dramatic intrigue as she is involved in a duel between a Vulcan and a Human, as they contest who has a right to court her. Both contestants are badly injured. She ends her dating relationship with both.
  • Mnheia discovers her mysterious Romulan Heritage and abruptly leaves the employ of McGeller Inc & Associates, their stock value drop by 30%.
  • Mnheia is involved in a brawl, where significant property is damaged. She suddenly leaves Earth in the middle of the night for Risa and spends a year there, spending great quantities of wealth (mostly belonging to others) on parties, and later on information from her party guests.
  • Mnheia returns to Earth and applies for entrance into Starfleet Academy. Her application is delayed, substantially.
  • Mnheia is accepted into Starfleet Academy, but has a hard time fitting in, and being accepted by her fellow cadets. She is given the run-around on her requests to join several Cadet Clubs, Sport's teams, and organizations.
  • Cadet Mnheia initiates a plan to lure the strongest and most influential Starfleet Cadet into a duel. The Cadet, a Klingon, falls for the trap. Proving her right to be there, she wins the duel in a surprising display of martial arts prowess and luck when the dueling holo-ring experiences an odd programming error. Mnheia and the Klingon begin dating, and she joins several groups and teams before their relationship expires, and she continues to date serially.
  • Cadet Mnheia, despite a serious strength insufficiency issue, rescues Cadet Devna, an Orion, and Devna's cat from a holodeck accident. She is injured in the process, when her strength gives out. Mnheia, Devna and the cat become a common sight together around the Academy grounds.
  • Cadet Mnheia enters her first major sports competition at the Academy, the 100 meter sprint, and loses. She challenges several technicalities and through rule manipulation, has the winner disqualified, she takes second place. Thus begins a string of controversial competition winnings, and title victories.
  • Cadet Mnheia meets Cadet MacRae, and a partnership begins, a rare non-romantic one for Mnheia. Mnheia's reputation as a "loyal friend" begins to take root.
  • Cadet Mnheia passes her final exam, scoring unusually high. The score is suspended, pending an investigation, but she is later allowed to graduate, with the rest of her class.
  • Ensign Mnheia is given an officer's commission and is assigned to the USS Avandar as a Security Officer.