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Cart'hen system Star  · I  · II  · III  · Belt  · IV

By far the largest city on Cart'hen III with a population of approximately 260,000, it also has the only thing even closely resembling a commercial space port. As well as the only buildings that could even be considered skyscrapers. Towering over the city are 5 large gray towers. The tallest reaching to an impressive 55 floors of which 40 of them are above ground.

This city was built on the site of the first strip mining operation run by the Klingons after they took control of the planet. The surface of the planet was dug into to create a depression over 1 km wide and more than 150 feet deep. It is within this excavation that the city has been built and grown.

Over 3/4 of the city proper is actually below ground, built into the tunnels and mine shafts left behind by extensive excavations. This warren of passages, chambers and ramps are mostly slum like liveing conditions for almost 9/10ths of the cities population. Below this are the current mine works, slowly tunneling ever deeper. The top 7 levels in the tallest tower belong to the city council.

Council of 11

This council has 11 members representing the 11 most powerful factions in the city. Each of these factions has their own armed forces, HQ and plans. This elite 11 are made up of members from corporations, gangs, fanatics and syndicates.

On stardate 238504.04 a major upheaval took place within the government of the city of Mith. The leader of their council of 11, a suspected criminal by the name of Gavik was assassinated. What followed was a period of infighting and assassination attempts that slowly ran it's course. The new Council of 11 now has 5 new members including the new head of the council, Lord Mayor Jalob Malanito.


The following list of individuals are ranked in order, based on their degree of influence, power and strength with the strongest first and the weakest last.

  • 1) Lord Mayor Jalob Malanito representing the corporate interests,
  • 2) Crossbones Han'drin, the son of Lord Han'drin, the Leader of the Black Daggers, a branch of the Orion Syndicate. This branch of the Black Daggers is the strongest criminal organization in the city with more than a thousand members.
  • 3) Chalf, the Chief of the Enforcers. This group has approximately 500 heavily armed and well trained members who technically serve the interests of the council. One of his most feared men is Sgt. Mrend a truly sadistic, sociopath.
  • 4) Scavs is a gang leader and the head of the Renegades, the largest street gang in the city with about 700 members.
  • 5)
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  • 7) Rat'sk is a gang leader and the head of the Outcasts which has about 500 members. Every single member of this gang could never be mistaken for any human looking species.
  • 8)
  • 9) Gronk is a gang leader and the head of the Ogres which has about 300 members. Every single one of them is a body builder, using all kings of steroids and other experimental strength enhancing drugs.
  • 10) Del'ack is a gang leader and the head of the Cerebrals which has about 200 members. All of them have to have a high IQ and some kind of specialized skills.
  • 11) Barbee is the leader of the smallest gang in the city. The Pokol Kuklin has about 75 members, all of whom are female.


The council employs a group called the Enforcers, almost like a police force, they are well armed, dress like a police force but are in reality simply the councils club, with which they control all the other mobs, factions, gangs and corporations with in the city.

Their HQ is a large solid stone building called the Hall of Justice. It's outer walls are over 3 feet thick and it is 4 stories tall. The top level is mainly offices and communications. The bottom level has the prison and inmate questioning chambers. The rest of the building is a barracks that house most of the Enforcer staff.

In 2388, 3 years after the assassination of Gavik, the Chief Enforcer, Manalo Malanito, who was the brother of the current Lord Mayor was terminated in what was called a bizarre accident. Especially as the HQ for the city Enforcers was also blown up. Most people do not believe this fiction as a city wide man hunt was instigated with everyone searching for an Andorian. Strangely enough it was the same Andorian who was accused of assassinating Gavik 3 years before. As a result the reward for his capture or termination was doubled from 50 thousand bars of latnum to 100 thousand bars of latnum.

The replacement Chief Law Enforcer is a man called Chalf, he is tall, stocky with scared hands and a broken nose. His short dark hair is shot through with gray and his eye's are hard. His face is grim and he stays in excellent physical shape.

Tal Shiar

The Tal Shiar, Romulan secret police have a listening post on the top 5 floors of one of the towers. It is the 3rd tallest tower with 45 floors and their are about 20 to 30 Romulans working and living here. Their agents move freely within the various communities posing as refugees or escaped prisoners of the Romulan Empire.


The Klingons have a fortified structure inside a fortified compound on the outskirts of the city where their people can stay if and when they need to. It has about a dozen full time staff as well as a dozen targs that patrol the grounds.