Mitchell, Jack

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  • Full name: Jack Mitchell
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 230lbs
  • Race: Klingon/Human hybird


  • Mother: Jacks mother Catherine died of old age while Jack was held prisoner.
  • Father: Jacks father is unknown but all trails lead to Garon.
  • Step Father: Jack's step father was General Klunk a famous klingon warrior who died in the Dominion Wars saving a Starfleet squadron.
  • Sister: Jack's half sister is B'wong a party mistress and Captain of the Morning Star (D7 Battle cruiser converted to a party barge)


Hold Masters belt in Aikdo and Bushido Has won numerous trouphies throughout the galaxy.

Personal History

Jack was recently serving aboard the USS Ranger as First Officer when he was called away by the Klingon High Council with Lt. Cmdr. Gintan. There mission was a simple one elimination of the remaining members of the Son's of Kahless(SOK). Both Jack and Gintan allowed themselves to be kidnapped by the remaining members of the SOK. During this time they were repeatedly tortured but eventually broke free and killed the remaining twelve members. During the break out elimination Gintan was killed and Jack's left arm was severed. Jacks arm was reatttached by a Klingon doctor which means it will pain him for life but be functional.