The Lost Colony (Victory)

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The Lost Colony
238004.02 - 238007.02

Mission Profile

On stardate 238004.02 the USS Victory arrived in the Tegus system. The Tegus system is a binary star system with heavy gravimetric and radiation interference. The interference causes loss of long range communications and sensors and reduced short range capabilities. It is made up of 3 planets none capable of sustaining life. Borum, is a moon of Tegus III, designated as Class N with 97% of the surface covered in water.

Six months prior, Starfleet dispatched a science team of 27 scientists to study the binary stars over an extended period. After being dropped off with their gear they were to study the stars for the next 3 years. Upon arrival, the team found a small colony of humans on Borum. It was unclear how they got to Borum having been there for at least 3 generations. Eight days prior, the food supply was contaminated. Thirteen colonists have come down with a fever and the Victory was ordered to investigate.

The Victory was sent to Borum, a small moon. Two away teams were sent to the surface. One to check up on a Federation science team. The other to make contact with a small group of colonists that have been discovered. The mission was to investigate the settlement that went missing on landing and was lost in a cave complex.

The team to the Federation site was found by the second away team. It was discovers that the scientists have been mutated. Their DNA was altered.

Now various members of the away teams have been cloned. The clones were beamed up to the ship and took control of the Victory via engineering.