The True Ones (Victory)

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The True Ones
237911.248 - 238002.23

Mission Synopsis

Several months prior to the Victory’s completion of their prior mission to Atlanta V, Lieutenant Daniel Story, the brother of the Victory’s Chief of Security, Heath Story was reported missing. Captain James Terra made contact with Lt. Heath Story informing him of the disappearance. Starfleet gave orders to Captain Hurne to send the Victory to a starbase near the planet Gremer where an elusive organization known as the True Ones made their headquarters. Daniel Story was last seen investigating this organization and was believed to have been taken prisoner.

Back on the Victory, several new crewmembers came on board including Lieutenant J.G. Bryant Zovyx who replaced Lieutenant Leela Joaquin as ship’s counselor after she required a leave of absence. Ensign J. Bowden Hapgood joined the ship as an operations officer, while Doctor Albert Daystrom, a hologram serves as a doctor.

Just prior to the mission, Lieutenant Story acquired a large cargo shuttle that could be used to infiltrate the starbase. Intelligence also reported that The True Ones are an anarchist multi-racial organization with a goal of breaking up the Federation. They also deal in weapons and narcotics. The leader of this organization, a Klingon named Ger’Luk is on the Federation’s most wanted list. Captain Hurne opened the options to the crew; some suggested an all-out assault, while others recommended a covert undercover operation. There was also some evidence of a Starfleet conspiracy leading up the ranks to the admiralty. Captain Hurne was also aware of an operative within the organization.

Captain Hurne’s final decision was not to reveal the presence of an operative within the organization in order to keep that undercover mission intact. Instead he was going to organization his own covert operation. Lieutenant Commander Avatar would lead a team using the acquired civilian shuttle which was renamed the Vendetta. Avatar’s team included Lieutenant Kobar, Ensign Jaxon, Ensign Redoria, Ensign Jaimeson, and Ensign Hapgood who would be surgically altered to look Orion. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Story would lead another away team to the planet’s surface to investigate what was developing down there. His team included Lieutenant Stevok, Lieutenant Zovyx, Lieutenant Kora, and Ensign Colon.

Just prior to Alpha Team’s departure, Avatar was stricken with an Andorian condition that generally occurs after the completion of an Andorian’s first 25 years of life. He was placed in stasis by Dr. Parker and given a rataka or dream maker to simulate the emotional roller coaster that Avatar would experience. After a few days, Avatar was returned to normal, but his condition spread to the telepathic Ensign Redoria. Her emotions shortly became much more erratic, as she challenged virtually every order given to her.

Captain Hurne gave his away teams a final briefing prior to their departure. Here he promoted Lieutenant J.G. Joaquin to full Lieutenant as well as informed the crew of former crewmate Morg’s death. Lieutenant Story’s Beta Team’s mission was also modified after it was discovered that prisoners held by the organization were held on the planet. Prior to the launch Ensign Jaxon made it known to Lieutenant Stevok as well as Captain Hurne that he was recruited by an Admiral Richter regarding The True One organization. He was also aware of an operative inside the terrorist cell. Jaxon took Captain Hurne aside in the shuttlebay to give him this information, which had lead to some suspicion towards Jaxon amongst the crew even though Captain Hurne gave him explicit orders to divulge this information to the rest of the crew.

Alpha Team

Shortly after Avatar’s recovery, the Vendetta departed for the True One starbase which was later found to be named Serpent’s Hold. The Vendetta was about the size of a Danube Class runabout and was equipped with type-IV phasers, a warp 6 engine, and a cloaking device which was legal because the ship was not officially a Federation craft. Avatar’s team would attempt to gain an audience with Ger’Luk by trading apparent stolen phaser rifles. Avatar’s suspicion of Jaxon continued as he spotted the Ensign’s conversation with the Captain in the shuttlebay. But Jaxon did not budge as he remained true to his order to remain silent. As the Vendetta approached the base, a communication was intercepted confirming the transfer of prisoners to the planet.

The Vendetta promptly contacted the Serpent’s Hold starbase once they were in range. Their commander of the base, Intendent Rokar agreed to Avatar’s proposal of selling the weapons to the organization and they were invited to dock. Once the Vendetta landed in the docking bay, Avatar had his team split into two. Kobar would explore the starbase with Hapgood and Redoria and attempt to gather intelligence from the locals. Meanwhile, Avatar, Jaxon, and Jaimeson would make contact with the organization’s leaders and complete the transaction.

Kobar’s team found their way to the local tavern where they opened dialogue with some of the patrons. Hapgood was attacked shortly after ordering drinks at the bar by a human named Kussnar and was taken away. Before Kobar and Redoria noticed his disappearance, they made contact with a Chalnoth. Redoria’s mental instability lead her to strike the Chalnoth, but it was her that was hurt by the attack rather than the Chalnoth as only her mental capacities had been altered. Meanwhile Kussnar who had apprehended Hapgood, appeared to be more friendly than hostile as he handed over schematics of the starbase. After receiving this information, a weary Hapgood returned to the bar area. After showing Kobar the map, they decided to do some more exploring of the base.

The three were quickly stopped by a man named Qua’Tolk who was later found to be the brother of Ger’Luk. It was Qua’Tolk’s belief that Kobar was leading a team to the starbase to bring her sister, Hayley Kobar back to their father Delvoye. Once Hayley came on the scene, the friction between Qua’Tolk and the uncover officers decreased as it appeared that they were amongst friends. But Redoria’s continued emotional instability nearly jeopardized their dealings with Qua’Tolk. Fortunately Nadia had the presence of mind to hold back Redoria from further interfering with their mission. In order to prevent any further danger, Kobar took her team back to the Vendetta.

Meanwhile, Avatar’s team made contact with Rokar who was found to be little more than Ger’Luk’s puppet. Rokar expressed interest in buying the weapons and he arranged a conference room for the deal to take place. Once the meeting began, Rokar was interrupted by news that Ger’Luk was returning to the starbase for an inspection. Rokar’s attitude changed from that of eagerness to do business to fear of his master. Avatar’s team was left behind in the conference room as Rokar’s attention was now directed to Ger’Luk’s return. While in the conference room, Ensign Jaimeson began to attempt a hack into the central computer system of the starbase. Jaimeson was able to get information leading to the present location of Daniel Story. The three left the conference room to return to the docking bay, where they came face to face with Ger’Luk where Avatar made his formal offer to sell the weapons. Ger’Luk invited the three to his office where he agreed to buy the weapons in exchange for business dealings. Ger’Luk also gave Avatar another order, to seek out and destroy the Thomas Slade which was discovered landing on Gremer. The leader of the True Ones wanted a portion of the shuttle’s hull placed on his desk.

Ger’Luk returned Avatar and his away team back to the docking bay where they met up with Kobar, Hapgood, and Redoria. Avatar ordered an immediate departure from the starbase and a rendezvous with the Thomas Slade. Ensign Redoria’s mental state left her unfit for duty, so Avatar had her placed in stasis in the cargo area of the shuttle. The Vendetta was armed for bear as she approached the Thomas Slade.

Beta Team

While Alpha Team’s mission was taking place, Beta Team departed the Victory using the shuttlecraft Thomas Slade for the planet Gremer. The shuttle landed on the snow-filled world and the away team began the search for the prisoners. Shortly after their arrival, Lieutenant Zovyx was taken prisoner. After Zovyx was discovered to be missing, Lieutenant Story took a risk by trying to communicate with Avatar’s team. It was a move that would lead his crew to question his orders and his intentions. Fortunately Avatar’s away team was able to respond quickly and erase any evidence of the message thereby keeping their undercover status intact.

Zovyx was captured by two children named Talia and Sebastian whose parents were killed by Ger’Luk. The two children apprehended Zovyx by injecting him with a syringe. The away team wasted little time in finding Zovyx and his captors. They burst into the cave dwelling that housed the children and liberated the counselor. The children had believed that the away team was working for Ger’Luk, so they captured the counselor to protect themselves. Following the mission, the away team would return to the ship with the two children. But before they returned, Talia and Sebastian were able to give some information on the layout of the prison camp. Lieutenant Story felt that it would be in their best interest to return to the shuttle with the injured Zovyx and the children where they would prepare to break into the prison complex.

Once re-equipped, the away team began their trek to the prison complex. They entrench themselves just outside the base. While entrenched, Ensign Colon spots a sniper targeting their position. The away team is forced to return fire to protect them and a skirmish begins. After firing off a few phaser blasts, Lieutenant Story makes the decision to return to the shuttle, as their cover had been blown.

The Thomas Slade blasted out of the Gremer atmosphere only to find themselves in pursuit of two craft. After holding them off for as long as possible, the Vendetta entered the area. Avatar sent a message over the comm channel for all to hear ordering Story to lower his shields and surrender his vessel. However, at the same time he sent a coded message directly to Lieutenant Story ordering him to return to the Victory at maximum warp using precise coordinates at a certain time. At that time the Vendetta would fire all weapons simulating their apparent destruction. The Vendetta would also beam up some torpedo fragments to simulate the picking up of the shuttle’s debris. The Vendetta would also overlay the warp signature of the Thomas Slade, masking her survival. Fortunately the ruse worked as both the Vendetta and the Thomas Slade returned safely to the Victory.

Back on the Victory

While the Victory’s away teams were involved in their own missions, the ship herself was faced with a devastating virus. Several engineering crewmembers were inflicted with the ailment. Doctor Parker wasted little time in working on containing the epidemic. The virus apparently started in Engineering; Parker ordered the infected crewmembers beamed to the medical bay in sickbay where analysis could begin. Meanwhile, Doctor Xanry investigated the quarters of the stricken crewmembers and found unidentified spores. The search for the cure takes an odd turn when Lieutenant Morg, who was believed killed, returned to the Victory. Morg did not last long on the Victory as he was killed after finding an Orion named Loki, who had planted the virus inside the ship. With his last breathe; Morg was able to disable a device that was spreading the disease. Victory security personnel arrested Loki who was brought to security for questioning.

Morg’s disabling of the virus generator prevented further crewmembers from being contaminated, but it did not help those who had already been infected. Dr. Parker determined that the white blood cells of the victims were attacking their bodies and that only a complete immune system shutdown would save them. Parker’s solution would be to use the transporters to remove unexplained DNA from the victims in order to repair their immune system which was successful.


Avatar, Kobar, and Story each discussed their away missions with the rest of the crew at a briefing following their return. Here Avatar revealed that the weapons sold to The True Ones were defective and could be disabled with a simple tachyon pulse. Avatar also presented the data that Jaimeson was able to acquire showing technical readouts of the starbase. The meeting concluded as Avatar asked both the Captain and Lieutenant Heath Story to stay behind. Avatar had evidence from Jaimeson’s hacking that Daniel Story was probably not a prisoner, but actually working for them all along. Captain Hurne quickly discounted the possibility that Story was operative and was clear his actions were his own. The meeting was interrupted by Dr. Xanyr who reported that Ensign Redoria had broken out of sickbay. Story ordered a security team to find her.

Not long after the Victory spies left the starbase, Lieutenant Story’s brother Daniel was successful in leading a group of his supporters in an assassination of Ger’Luk. Here Daniel took control of not only the starbase, which he renamed TTRO-1, but also the organization as a whole. Daniel Story then sent a message to the Victory inviting them for dinner and to release the prisoners that his organization had taken hostage.

This change in leadership prompted Captain Hurne to order another meeting later to come up with a new battle plan.

Return to TTRO-1

Lieutenant Commander Avatar began his own investigation and enlisted the aid of Lieutenant Kobar to research Admiral Richter’s possible involvement in the crisis as well as any possible connection that he might have had to Lieutenant J.G. Dan Story, who had now taken on a prominent role in the True One’s organization. The two officers met in Kobar’s quarters to discuss their findings. Kobar had uncovered a link connecting Admiral Richter to not only Ensign Jaxon, who he was still in contact with, but also directly to Ger’Luk who he had made contact with while commander of Starbase 39. Richter had also made a visit to Lalmeta, Ensign Redoria’s homeworld while connected all of the threads. Avatar had also found that Story had apparently simply gone AWOL during his mission with the Ranger rather than the previous report that he had been kidnapped.

Avatar attempted to confront Captain Hurne with his findings, interrupting a meeting that Hurne was having with Ensign Jaxon. Hurne continued to be mysterious regarding his past, a past that Jaxon apparently had known a lot about. Hurne authorized a new mission back to the starbase. Taffaz would lead a party over to the starbase along with Lieutenant Story, Stevok, Zovyx, and the holographic Doctor Daystrom. Kora, Jaxon, and Colon would lead a team to the planet that the starbase was orbiting. Avatar would take a team back with the Vendetta comprised of Kobar, Hapgood, and Jaimeson.

Vendetta Team

Avatar ordered a piece of the Thomas Slade replicated and placed into storage aboard the Vendetta. His orders previously had been to bring back a piece of the shuttle’s hulk to be placed on Ger’Luk’s desk. Avatar and the others would pretend not to know that Ger’Luk had been killed and this would be a ruse to get back aboard the starbase.

Meanwhile on TTRO-1, an undercover Starfleet operative, by the name of Major M. Stryker or better known as just “M” had received word that Avatar would be returning to the starbase.

Upon arrival, Avatar was questioned by Dan Story in an attempt to understand Avatar’s loyalty. Avatar’s team was invited by Dan Story to attend a dinner. Qua’Tolk, the brother of Ger’Luk spoke ill of his brother after meeting up with the undercover team. Qua’Tolk was also introduced as the first officer to Dan Story. Avatar was informed that his team would be tasked with watching over Taffaz’s team upon arrival, leading to a very dangerous situation in that their cover could be broken fairly easily. Avatar learned of a narcotics ring that Dan Story was operating. They had grown a plant called Guinutia Diasporata that was used to create Talosian Phantasm for its highly hallucinogenic reaction. At the dining room table, the Vendetta team met up with M for the first time. She appeared to be a tough woman who had kept Qua’Tolk in check.

Taffaz’s Team

Taffaz’s orders were to return to the starbase to complete the prisoner exchange. Dan Story had agreed to do this in his earlier message to the Victory. They would be taking the shuttlecraft Trafalgar.

Kora’s Team

Kora, Jaxon, and Colon left the Victory on the Lord Nelson, setting course for the planet that the starbase orbited. Their plan was to penetrate the surface base and attempt to locate as many prisoners as possible. With a little luck, they would also do as much damage to the base in the process.


The Victory negotiated the release of a number of Federation prisoners from The True Ones. The True ones tried to slip a suicide agent aboard the Victory when then prisoner exchange was happening. This plan was foiled by information received from a Starfleet intelligence officer working undercover named M. The True Ones leader, Daniel Story made his escape and left his base to the fate of the Federation.

Following the mission, the Victory set course for Risa for a spot of R and R.

Mission Summary Written by Lieutenant Commander Mal Avatar