Missing In Action (Columbia)

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USS Columbia Mission History
Season One
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Act One

After Captain Whittaker goes off grid in his test flight in the Captain's Yacht, USS Kumari, the USS Columbia picks up some sensor readings on a planet that was far off the course the Kumari could have taken. Lt. Commander Jarred Thoran, temporarily in command of the Columbia, has diverted to a planet relatively near the strange Galactic Barrier where there are three possible locations of the whereabouts of Captain Whittaker and companions.

Three landing parties consisting of Commander Shayne, Lieutenant Pran, Counselor Mika and Doctor Saden Lor for team one, Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo, you’ll go with Commander Luna Walker, Lt. Commander Ash MacKenna and Ensign Dakora making up the second team and the third being that of Doctor G’Renn, Lt. Commander Rune Jolara. Commander Tatash and Ensign Pholin Duyzer will beam down to the planet to investigate the trio of signals to determine if they are that ofthe USS Kumari and occupants or something entirely different.

Lieutenants Krindo Pandorn and Na'Lae Mandak will remain on board the Columbia to monitor the teams and the surrounding area for anything that leads to the safe return of Captain Whittaker and the occupants of the Kumari. Are they safe, or will the USS Columbia find something else on the planet?




REV SD 239509.25