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Stardate Beginning 238506.21 - After a relaxing leave on Risa, Captain Taboo decides to retry warp 9 to Bajor, to work out all the kinks. Previously, during the trip to Risa, this resulted in a disturbance in space time. In hopes that the ship has made sufficient repairs during their brief rest, the decision was made and, again, the ship slips through a crack and the crew finds themselves deposited into an alternate reality. And, it's not just any alternate reality, it's the universe Arista Devar is originally from. A few scans comparing quantum signatures confirm this.

Upon their arrival, the Eagle collides with a Terran Resistance ship, Evangeline. The Evangeline had been making repairs, waiting out help from Terran Resistance, under the protection of the Betreka Nebula for several weeks. The Captain of the Evangeline, Trevor Rothfeld, decides that the Eagle (which is decided by him and his crew as a ship with unknown intentions) needs to be boarded and selects a few of his crew (who are, ironically, mirror versions of the Eagle's crew -- versions of Tal Tel-ar, Jaired Birks, Emirry MacGowan, Daydan Taboo, Victoria Yladro, xoet twelve, Nick Johnson, etc.) and take the opportunity to invade and conquer the Eagle. The Eagle's number was about up... that was until Arista confronted the leader of the mirror boarding party.

Trevor Rothfeld is revealed to be the older brother of Arista Devar's husband, Adam Rothfeld. First the reunion was filled with shock, but quickly turned to hate when Trevor becomes skeptical of Arista's life after her departure from their shared reality and openly reveals his disgust of her. He even mentions that Arista's husband and daughter are indeed alive, but are prisoners of her deadly sister, Alana Lor Gulok.

Out of respect of his brother, Trevor commands the release of the Eagle, much to the Evangeline's disapproval. The crew of the Evangeline even plan a mutiny against Trevor, for leaving behind a good steal for the Resistance and they question his motives.

Captain Taboo, in response to the situation, appoints Arista Devar as his temporary Second in Command for her knowledge of the area. A plan quickly forms to depart to a safe place called New Haven in the Mirror Universe, in which the Eagle can make repairs and decide on a plan to return to their corrective time line.

After they reach New Haven without incident, Arista takes advantage of the rare opportunity to part ways with the Eagle with a small away party consisting of Pomel, Mo'Bala, Yukiko, and Birks on an A.I. Shuttle called “Zael” to Betazed to rescue her family from her sister's clutches. Arista's husband and daughter were successfully removed, though the reunion was bittersweet. Her daughter thought Alana was her true mother (not taking too kindly of being "kidnapped" from the only home she ever knew) and her husband was near death. The away party was able to escape Betazed in the shuttle "Zael". The House and Alana Lor Gulok were destroyed by a suicide self-destruct initiated by Alana herself.