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Miranda Class Medium Cruiser
Commissioned: 2283

Class Profile by Roshanara Rahman, SCE

For over a century, the Miranda class cruiser has served the Federation with distinction. Introduced to the fleet in 2283, her initial design incorporated many shared elements of the venerable Constitution class refit of the 2270s. Yet from this modest beginning emerged one of the most versatile starship platforms ever employed by Starfleet.

Class Introduction

The Miranda class was introduced in the latter half of the 23rd century to supplement Starfleet's aging fleet during the long-running Federation-Klingon Cold War. Even the iconic Constitution class, which had undergone a refit in the 2270s, was nearing forty years of service when USS Miranda was commissioned in 2283.

While work was already underway on the NX-2000 Project that would usher in the next generation of Starfleet heavy cruisers and explorers, the Miranda Class Development Project was tasked with addressing the need for a new support ship platform within the larger fleet modernization program. The final starship would need to be adaptable, cost-efficient, and most importantly, capable of handling mission profiles such as deep space patrol and scientific research that had previously required all too often the use of a heavy cruiser.

Miranda class medium cruiser

By every measure, the Miranda class achieved these goals. Based on the Soyuz class class frame, the Miranda class streamlined the primary hull and added a rollbar that gave her more firepower than her larger Constitution class cousin with a pair of pulse phaser cannons and four photon torpedo launchers. Yet even with this arsenal, she boasted impressive maneuverability for a cruiser thanks to her compact design. As the Klingons and Romulans continued to invest in agile light warships such as the deadly Bird-of-Prey, the Miranda class allowed Starfleet to answer these threats with what was effectively a heavy cruiser's complement of weaponry on the frame of a much smaller starship.

Rather than limit her versatility, the Miranda class's size was a testament to the efficiency of her design. While only three quarters the size of the Constitution class, she possessed double the shuttlebay and cargo capacity. This enabled her to serve as both a front line patrol vessel as well as a cargo and personnel transport.

After her introduction and success, the Miranda class frame became the basis for several variant configurations within the class. Over her long service life, she received numerous upgrades to her propulsion and tactical systems, allowing her to continue serving on the front lines during the major conflicts of the 24th century such as the Cardassian border wars of the 2340s and 50s, the Federation-Tzenkethi War, and the Dominion War. Although newer starship classes have since taken on her previous front line duties, the Miranda class continues to see service throughout the Federation as a support vessel, augmenting colony and outpost defenses, continuing transport runs, and patrolling trade routes in Starfleet's current anti-piracy effort Operation Safe Harbor.

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