Miralon system

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Par'tha Expanse
Par'tha Geography
Spatial Phenomena
Map of the Par'tha Expanse
JenatrisCloud.png Jenatris Cloud
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Norlin Nebula.jpg Norlian Nebula
Jenatris Corridor Siiden Passage
K'tem Hyperlane
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Points of Interest
Aelann Imperial Shipyards Midway Station
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OP89D.jpg Outpost Ganzera
Neighboring Regions
RSE Solerian Sector
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Miralon system Star   I   II   Belt-a   Belt-b   III   IV
  • System Name: Miralon
  • Indigenous Name: none
  • Affiliation: Freeworlds Council Member
  • System Type: Single: Miralon (Type G3 IV, a yellow subgiant)
  • Inhabited Planets: Miralon III (Class J)
  • Other Planets: Miralon I (Class Y), Miralon II (Class N), Miralon IV (Class J)
  • Other Stellar Objects: Two belts of orbiting dust and captured debris, which annually intersect with Miralon III's orbit at perigee
  • Artificial Objects: While the planet itself is teeming with artificial contructs, Miralon III has only two orbiting starports. Additionally, there are a few other space-platforms in-system, for the bi-weekly Solar Sail Races, and other recreational events
  • System in a Sentence (SIS): Recreation and Gaming System of the Freeworlds Region; Home world of the Waleth race