Miralon III

Par'tha Expanse
Miralon III
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Freeworlds Region
System Miralon system
Sun(s) 1 (Miralon)
Moon(s) 6
Class J
Diameter 123600km
Atmosphere Variable at altitudes, oxygen-nitrogen with Carbon dioxide and argon at most habitable levels; variable pressures at altitudes
Hydrosphere Variable at altitudes, water present in different states (solid, liquid, gas) at variable altitudes
Climate Variable at altitudes, temperate to tropical at most habitable levels
Gravity Variable at altitudes, 1 G at most habitable levels
Primary terrain tenuous gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen compounds
Length of Day 26h
Length of Year 335d
Native species Waleth
Other species Caraadian, Illaran, numerous others
Official Language Waltheese, Caraadian
Population 2.3 billion
Technological Classification N
Imports raw materials
Exports agriculture, medicine, technology
Affiliation independent; Freeworlds Council Member
Government Democracy (Timocracy); Freeworlds Council Member
Miralon system Star   I   II   Belt-a   Belt-b   III   IV
  • Culture: Intellectual and calm, with a high regard for reason, and a general goodwill for all species they encounter
  • Resources: Although many raw materials are lacking and need to be imported, major resources include agricultural and medicinal products, as well as industrial technology and scientific knowledge
  • Places of Note: Seeing as Miralon III is a gas giant, and there is no land to build on, hundreds of artificially constructed anti-gravity cities float within the habitable levels of the planet
  • Ship Facilities: Miralon III has two orbiting starports, with modest repair capabilities, and one ship construction facility located on the 2nd moon
  • Other Details: For about 30 days every year, when the planet's orbit is at perigee to Miralon, it intersects with the belts of stellar debris, providing weeks of intense sunlight and meteor showers. These spark beautiful yet dangerous atmospheric fires. The light shows are constant and remarkably beautiful. During this period, all agriculture on the farming levels is halted and protective shields are raised. The Waleth enjoy a 30 day holiday, complete with feasting, shopping, celebrations and everything else holidays bring with them. Because of the dangers, the starports are also closed to all but emergency craft, and travel onto and off of the planet is restricted.