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USS Avandar
Lt. (jg) Mikali sh'Shar

"Ok Banshee here’s the plan. We are going to make the
Vaadwaur Captain think we are on a suicide run."

-- Flight Leader Jake Hartmann, outlining his plan.

"Aww, and here I thought we were actually going to die.
You big tease."

-- Lt (jg) Mikali Sh'Shar's response.


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Junior Lieutenant Mikali "Banshee" sh'Shar is a helmsman aboard the USS Avandar.

sh'Shar is a PNPC simmed by Alleran Tan.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name: Mikali sh'Shar
  • Callsign: "Banshee"
  • Age: 25
  • Species: Andorian
  • Gender: Shen (a masculine female)
  • Hair color: White
  • Eye color: Blue/Grey
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Place of Birth: Andor
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Prosthetic left eye.
  • Skin Tone: Light blue.
  • Handedness: Right.


  • Parents: sh'Shar barely has any contact with any of her four parents.
  • Siblings: None.
  • Spouse: None permanently. sh'Shar is a serial monogamist, and left her breeding group back on Deep Space 17.
  • Children: One, Benna sh'Shar, named after Luna's father, Ben Walker.


  • Quarters: sh'Shar's quarters are usually one hell of a mess.
  • Favorite Room: Ten Foward. sh'Shar is frequently seen there, drinking herself into a stupor, playing dom-jot or otherwise engaging in highly self-destructive behavior.
  • Mannerisms/Habits: sh'Shar is a firm believer in serial monogamy and has been described as quite promiscuous and a flirt. She is also a gossip mongerer, rude, crude, coarse and very inappropriate at almost all times. Her only real redeeming feature is that she vigorously refuses to let anyone around her suffer for her actions and is distraught whenever someone else is punished for what she's done.
  • Temperment: Extremely aggressive in and out of the cockpit, sh'Shar is generally in one of the following states: Angry, Flirtatious, Drunk, Hung Over, Flying, Bored.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: sh'Shar quietly follows Andorian spirituality as best her outrageous personality permits.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 238706.17 - 238707.08 Independence-A Blue Flight, FA-150 Mauls.
Note: 238707.08 Official Reprimand. Mikali was charged with disorderly conduct and conduct unbecoming an officer after being involved in a barfight with Shannon Riley. She pled guilty and was sentenced to ten days in the brig, was demoted to Ensign and lost her flight privilages.
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238707.08 - 238811.11 Independence-A Blue Flight, FA-150 Mauls.
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 238811.11 - present USS Avandar Helm (night shift)


sh'Shar's callsign, used both in and out of the cockpit by her friends, is "Banshee". She picked up the name in the Academy, when she was heard getting intimate with a fellow cadet through the walls of the cadet dormitories.



sh'Shar proudly proclaims she has no friends and views them as a liability. She is secretly fearful that she might hurt someone with her actions, so prefers to keep people at arm's length.

However, Luna Walker and sh'Shar have developed a fast friendship since the fiery Romulan/Terran woman came onboard. Walker mentioned to her that she, too, had spent time behind bars; almost certainly a contributing factor.


sh'Shar has only "dated" a few times in her life and such attempts end in disaster in record time, usually due to her own actions. Wild and unpredictable, sh'Shar is a handful to even be a casual acquaintance with.

The only person of particular note here is Jake Hartmann, a fellow pilot. She has mentioned, off and on, feeling genuine feelings for him that go beyond the physical.

Pre-Starfleet, Criminal Record

Mikali was born to four abusive parents. She does not discuss the nature of this abuse, but she once told Councilor Avandar that it was "... in every way a small child could be abused".

She ran away from home at thirteen, immediately joining a gang. She was bought into the world of light drugs and petty crime at first, heavy drugs and smuggling not long after. Most of these activities were conducted aboard an expansive Ferengi ship- very little, again, is known of her time aboard except that she stood up for the small contingent of female crew, insisting (at disrupter-point) that they be allowed to wear clothes.

Eventually, the ship was apprehended by Bajoran authorities smuggling Ketracel past the Federation blockade when the Dominion's supplies ran thin (after the wormhole was laid with cloaked mines).

Mikali was sentenced to six years in prison, but managed to bargain herself down to two years by demonstrating a provable chemical addiction, plus agreeing to serve as an informer for six months.

She joined Starfleet soon after being released (a condition of her parole), although her application was rejected several times due to her history.


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